Piano Complete

Piano Beginner Course Without Sheet Music
(Recommendation for Beginners)

Learn to Play Your Favorites Songs On Piano: Free and Without Sheet Music

The High Art Of Sight Reading

Piano Course for Beginner and Intermediate Students: With Sheet Music

Sheet Music Piano Course by werdemusiker.com and Thomas Forschbach

Discover the Secrets Most Piano Player Will Never Know

Piano Course: Learn the special way to play that amazed my teacher!

After impressing my music teacher with a memorized piano piece in school, I developed a unique technique now taught in this course, sought after by even professional pianists.

Learn 4 EASY Chords. Play 1000s of Songs!

This is a very unique piano course.

Start by learning the chords of songs you love, then use those chords to play the main tunes. Soon you'll be playing all your favorite songs easily!

Tips & Tricks for Advanced Piano Players

Piano Course for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Tricks for Advanced Piano Players

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1-6

Piano Course with EASY Songs Perfect For Beginners
(Sheet music provided, but you don't need it to play!)

Beautiful & EASY Songs Perfect For Beginners

Master the Sheets

Piano Course: Master Reading Lead Sheets Easily
(Lead Sheets are important and easy to learn how to read!)

Lead Sheets are a special kind of sheets that you should know how to read!

Arrangement Complete

Learn how to make your own special piano music arrangement!

Learn to create your own unique Piano Arrangement.

Chords - The Ultimate Power Training

Master all piano chords with over 180 fun exercises!

Finally master chords to perfection with this fun piano training.

Sight Reading - The Ultimate Power Training

Learn to read and play music you've never seen before!

Important: This course is still in the works and will be ready for you to order in February 2024. Stay tuned!

Enjoy fun exercises to quickly become a pro at sight reading, which is reading and playing music you've never seen before!

Super Piano Bundle

All 10 Courses included!
Get all 10 piano courses, usually $199 each, for only $999! That's all my piano lessons in one bundle for less than half the price.

All 10 Piano Courses by werdemusiker.com and Thomas Forschbach

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USD 999