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Unlock the magic of the piano with breathtaking songs & melodies you can play TODAY!

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Discover more about the fun course "Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1-6" created by Thomas Forschbach, popular pianist and piano teacher with over 350,000 YouTube subscribers.


Are you tired of traditional, boring piano lessons?

Do you yearn to play beautiful piano melodies? Melodies that touch hearts?

Then you're in the right place!

Why choose "Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1-6"?

🎹 **Original, Heartwarming Melodies**: All songs in this course are original compositions that you won't find anywhere else.

🎹 **Easy and Quick to Learn**: No need for years of practice. Start playing beautiful songs right away!

🎹 **Relax and Unwind**: Escape the stress of everyday life as you immerate yourself in the joy of music.

🎹 **Lifetime Access**: Once you buy, it's yours forever. Revisit lessons as many times as you like!

What's Included:

🎵 Video lessons for each module

🎵 Bonus materials to enrich your learning

🎵 Certificate of completion

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Product Overview

The Course "Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1-6" Consists of the Following 4 Modules:

Module 1:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1

Welcome to your first module! I am so happy that you are here. 

This module contains songs that are very easy and beautiful.

You will have so much fun with these songs and spend every free minute at the piano. 

Your journey starts here! 

Learn your first very easy songs crafted to captivate your heart.

Listen to the song 'Broken Love' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 2:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 2

Let`s continue your exciting journey.

Dive deeper into beautiful melodies while mastering fundamental techniques.

By the way, your piano playing will continuously improve - without boring exercises, but with a lot of fun.

Listen to the song 'Ready To Be' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 3:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 3

You are just one click away from many more easy beautiful melodies and piano songs.

Unveil the secrets behind touching harmonies in a collection of simple yet emotional tunes.

Listen to the song 'I am Free' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 4:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 4

Are you ready to continue the playful learning experience where you can escape from everyday life and play beautiful piano melodies that touch the heart?

Experiment with dynamics to make your songs truly come alive!

It would be great to see you in this class, play beautiful songs, and make great music together 🙂 

Listen to the song 'Bliss' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

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Additionally, the course includes two extra bonus modules.

Bonus 1:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 5

Challenge yourself with slightly complex arrangements that are still incredibly easy to learn.

You are ready for the next step!!!

Make fast  progress -> have a great time at the piano and just enjoy it!

Listen to the song 'Cherished Moments' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

(This bonus module is included for free when you order today!)

Bonus 2:

Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 6

Now we put together all the tips, tricks, skills, and techniques that you acquired with this course & the beautiful easy songs you learned. 

Use all the skills you've gained to create your very own easy, heartwarming song.

I promise you, this is so much fun and a wonderful experience. 

Listen to the song 'You Didn’t See What I Had To Go Through' from this module:

Value of the module: USD 49

(This bonus module is included for free when you order today!)

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Easy Songs for Beginners Vol. 1-6

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Q: Do I need any prior experience with the piano?

A: Absolutely not! This course is designed for beginners.*

Q: Can I access the course anytime?

A: Yes, once you purchase the course, you can access it anytime, anywhere.*

Q: What if I'm not satisfied?

A: We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

100% Money-Back-Guarantee

Order today without any risk! This course is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you find that the course doesn't meet your expectations, just reach out to me via email. You'll receive a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

I'd rather lose a sale than have an unhappy customer!

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