Arrangement Complete

Product Overview

The course "Arrangement Complete" comes with the following 4 modules:

Modul 1: Arrangement Basics

To understand the basics of arrangements, we dive into the world of music production. You will experience firsthand how a professional music production is created, both in the context of a band and an orchestra.

This is the best way to grasp the concept of an arrangement because it allows you to see the actual building blocks that matter.

It serves as the best preparation for what comes next.

Value of this module: USD 49

Modul 2: The Art of Great Piano Arrangements

In the first module, we introduced the topic of "arrangements."

In this module, we specifically focus on piano arrangements.

This is our instrument, and this is where the real fun begins.

I wish you a lot of fun and a great experience at your favorite instrument. 

Value of this module: USD 49

Module 3: Find the Perfect Arrangement for You

Music is as diverse as the people in the world. This is also the beauty and uniqueness of music.

And since arrangements have a decisive impact on the effect of music, it's important to find the arrangement that truly suits YOU.

Value of this module: USD 49

Module 4: Replacing Band & Orchestra

The desire of many young and young-at-heart pianists is to play well-known pieces and songs that were originally performed by a band or a full orchestra.

But how do you translate that to the piano?

Is this even possible? Yes, it is - with the right knowledge, method & techniques.

Discover the dream solution. Here, we bring everything together.

Value of this module: USD 49

And Furthermore, There Are 2 Additional Individual Bonus Modules With Songs for Practice Included!

Sight Reading Power Exercises Vol. 1

The songs and instructions in this module are the perfect way to improve your sheet music reading skills in a playful manner.

Thoughtfully designed, they help you train to quickly read and play melodies, chords, and lead sheets.

Value of this module: USD 49

Sight Reading Power Exercises Vol. 2

Vol. 2 is the continuation of Sight Reading Power Exercises Vol. 1 for even more practice and fun.

Here, we increase the difficulty level, allowing you to quickly play even complex lead sheets by sight.

Value of this module: USD 49


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