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The PERFECT Piano Practice Routine (EASY For Beginners)

 Insane results with this perfect practice routineHeyDo you have a special practice routine and do you make the results that you want?Check out this video and try this perfect practice routine for beginners. I am so curious what you think about it. Leave me a comment below the video. See you next Sunday.🙂ThomasInsert Image

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7 Bad Habits Beginners Should Avoid

Avoid these 7 bad habitsWelcome to your Sunday Piano Session 🙂This is a video I would really have needed when I started to play piano. Watch the video and get to know 7 bad habits for beginners. Have fun playing piano 🙂 Thomas Insert Image

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The BEST Piano Song for Beginners

Easy & lovelyHello 🙂Follow my instructions in the video and you will learn a lovely song in just 5 minutes. It`s just 5 steps and a lot of fun. Get ready, we start right away. Did you like the video?Always feel free to leave me a comment directly below the video. Then start your Sunday

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25 BEST Piano Songs Every Beginner Should Learn

Get access to this listWelcome to your Sunday Piano Session 🙂In today`s video you get access to a list with 25 songs that are a good fit for beginners. Of course, I will also play a short part of the songs. Did you like this video?Post your feedback directly below the video. Have fun playing

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3 Very Beautiful Piano Songs for Beginners (SUPER EASY)

3 super easy songs for youHello 🙂Great that you join today!In this video you can learn to play 3 super easy melodies. Perfect for beginners, but of course also for a bit more advanced piano students who love wonderful piano songs. Have fun practicing and playing piano 🙂ThomasInsert Image

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If Tom Odell wrote River flows in you

What would River flows in you sound like...I love music, playing with it, experimenting with sound and styles.I was curious how River flows in you would sound if it was written by Tom Odell.What do you think about this experiment?Watch the video now and listen to my River flows in you version inspired by Tom

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how to play piano with both hands

BEST tips how to play piano with both handsI really get a lot of messages like this:"Thomas, please help! I can`t manage to play with both hands at the same time! Do you have some tips?"Yes, I do!Watch today`s video: get to know my tips and try them out!I am really curious how you managed

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Sound like a pro on piano

Wow! Sound like a pro on pianoToday I want to show you 3 special piano techniques to really improve your piano play. You will sound like a pro - even if you just started playing piano. So get ready for a very interesting piano session Enjoy your Sunday!ThomasInsert Image

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beautiful easy song for you

 10 minutes piano lesson easy and awesomeGood Morning Great that you are here. Spend the next 10 minutes at your piano with today`s video. You can learn great stuff with amazing results in only 10 minutes. Keep up the good work and have fun practicing & playing piano. See you next Sunday!ThomasInsert Image

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