The PERFECT Piano Practice Routine (EASY For Beginners)

 Insane Results With Only 10 Minutes A Day


Do you have a special practice routine and do you make the results that you want?

Check out this video and try this perfect practice routine for beginners.

I am so curious what you think about it.
Leave me a comment below the video.

See you next Sunday.🙂

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  • Hope I can continue seeing your teachings. Looks so simple!

  • Anthony Sanchez says:

    Hi, what you are teaching here is invaluable. I haven't found anyone who teaches this or stuff like this. If they do. Its years later. Love. Does the course in the link teach other great stuff like this?

  • Robert stouffer says:

    This is fantastic. I can play the melody ok, but the left hand plays the entire chord. This is much easier. Thanks. Oh I have your training course. Wonderful.

    • Hi Robert,
      thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate it.

      Keep up the good work and have fun playing piano

  • Hi can you also give the link to the above video under it , having a small issue

  • Vivienne Hesketh says:

    Fantastic Thomas.
    Unique way of teaching.
    Learned years ago.but never achieved this level of easy playing despite getting to grade 8 in exams.
    Thank you Thomas

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Vivienne! I'm glad to hear that you've found my teaching approach effective and that it's helping you play more easily. I'm always happy to hear about someone rediscovering their joy in playing, especially after such dedicated study. Keep up the great work, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further tips. Happy playing!

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