Silent Night - Piano Tutorial -

Silent Night - Piano Tutorial

A very easy Piano Lesson for Beginners


With the help of this tutorial you can learn this famous and beautiful Christmas song. This version is very simple and can easily be played by piano beginners!

Take a look at the video, at the beginning I play the whole song for you. It sounds amazing and YOU can do this, too 🙂

First I show you how the right hand is playing the melody by naming and showing every single note. We go slowly forward, from one small part to the other.

And in the meantime I'll also give you some useful tips regarding the rhythm.

Very important: If you play a wrong note, you don’t have to start from the beginning - just practice this single part for several times until it works. This is certainly the fastest way to learn the song.

After you can play the melody with the right hand very well, it`s time to learn the part the left hand is playing. And here we split the tutorial in 3 different versions. You can choose one, that fits for you:

  • a version for complete beginners
  • one for intermediate piano players
  • and the last one for advanced piano players

But don’t go too fast through the practice parts! Take your time and repeat the parts as often as necessary. If you can’t play piano with both hands yet, don’t worry, that’s no problem! In this video I give you some special tips how you can easily learn it 🙂

Silent Night - Piano Tutorial

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Let me know how it’s going!

And if you need a little more help for getting started at the piano, check out my free piano lessons for beginners here.

Have fun!

  • Brenda says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I enjoyed so much practicing with you. I need to practice a lot. But, I got to purchase a better piano. I now have a small Yamaha with so many buttons and sounds until I can't find the piano sound. However, what I did manage to do. It made me get a bit emotional. I can't wait to buy a new piano.


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