Hey guys,

this is my brand new piano tutorial of the really wonderful piano piece "River flows in you" by Yiruma.

So I really hope that I can help you with learning this song!

River flows in you - Piano Tutorial - Part 2

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Do you have a song request for my next piano tutorial?

Let me know in the comments below. I really locking forward to read them!!

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About the Author

With more than 1500 live concerts Thomas is one of the most popular piano player in germany.
His biggest mission is to spread the love! He's only doing what he really loves.
With his "Baby" Thomas Forschbach & Friends he decided to make a dream come true and played to big shows with his best musical friends, orchestra and play from the ciling hovered headfirst piano.
So his next big goal is to help people in the world to learn how to play piano.

  • chengfeng says:

    Thanks for your wonderful videos, I am learning this piece. I wonder the piece you teach is the orignal version or the modified version. If it is modified version,may you send me a copy of the sheet? Thank you again for your helpful videos.

  • Hey, i am just struggleing with part number 2 and which notes i start with, should i start with the higher end A then G# and then the lower A, if that makes any sense?

  • Incredible! I now am taking piano lessons and can play this piece really well

    Thanks so much

  • hi,thomas i want to get the free lessonds but i cant accese the 2 part of doing so.Can you do somthing about it please .

    I gest adore how you play the piano and i take you as a insperation because i find it hard to continue playing the piano as i cant find good songs or a good person with a kind hart to take the time to do all these great piano lessons

    thank you one again.

    • Hi Elena
      thanks for your message and for your great feedback.
      You should get the first lesson in a couple of minutes. Does this work? If not, please also check your junk folder.

      have fun

  • I just discovered you today and am so very delighted. I have finally made some progress on Fur Elise and can’t wait to try River Flows. I would love to be able to play one of my favorites......Sweet Remembrance of You by William Joseph if you can do it as a tutorial. Thank you so much for what you do...you are so appreciated!!

    • Hi Rosalie
      great that you join here.

      Have fun and enjoy wonderful music 🙂

  • Hi Thomas,
    Your tutorial for river flows in you is amazing. However I cannot find any version of music sheet matched with your tutorial. Do you mind sending me the music sheet for the river flows in you of your version?
    It will be appreciated.

    Elizabeth Chen

    • Hi Elizabeth
      great to hear from you.
      I am really happy that you like my tutorial for River flows in you.
      Unfortunaltely I don`t have music sheets for my tutorials that I can share with my students. This is also difficult in legal terms. Furthermore I always play my own interpretation and I show versions for beginners and advanced piano students. It is nearly impossible to write down notes for this. It is best go google title of the song + music sheets.
      I wish you a lovely day

  • Rosa Salcedo says:

    What kind of piano do i buy??

  • darryl skeavington says:

    you make quite alot of mistakes thomas in part 8 its almost impossible to follow towards the end perhaps you could re do part 8 of this beautiful tutorial up to that point how does the song end thank you

    • Hi Darryl
      thanks for your feedback. I will check this.

      Have a nice day

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