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Piano Lessons for Beginners

by werdemusiker.com


Maybe you already know how much I love to play piano 🙂 At some point this wasn’t enough for me.

I had the desire to do something bigger, to change something, to bring people closer to music again.

My greatest wish was to help people to learn to play piano and to enjoy music and so I started to produce piano lessons.

And I have to tell you, it was the best decision I ever made 🙂

I have so much fun doing this, it’s really really awesome!

This is why I constantly produce new free piano tutorials and premium courses.

Most of my piano lessons are for very beginners but I always have some tips for advanced piano players, too.

So there's something for everyone in these videos 🙂

Such as in today's video below! I show you a super easy and fun piano song for beginners. Have a look, it takes only 10 minutes:


Click here for free piano course for beginner


Do you like it? I’d be happy about a comment or email from you 🙂

But of course I have many other free piano tutorials for beginners, such as:

Your 1. piano lesson

How to read sheet music

Or my famous „Piano Crash Course

And if you want to learn a song on the piano, pick one from here 🙂

Have fun learning to play piano!


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