This is your last lesson and I hope you enjoyed my piano crash course 🙂

If you want to keep practicing and improve your fresh piano skills I warmly recommend my PIANO COMPLETE COURSE.

If you are not sure if this is really the best way to go, no worries! It comes with a 60 days Money-Back-Guarantee! That means you can get it today, but have 60 more days for your final decision if you want to keep it or get your money back.

Thanks for being a part of the piano crash course 🙂

Hope to see you in my premium course,

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  • Going to miss my morning cup of coffee and Thomas's lessons...........lesson 10 the last one but thank you so much Thomas.hugs to you and wishing you the best of times...........Angie Henry

  • Vida panahi says:

    You are the best . I wish I knew about you many years ago. Do you by any chance teach on skype one on one?

  • I will miss these sessions. I have enjoyed your teaching, Thomas. Thank you so much for refreshing me on the basics of playing. Playing the piano is one of the best outlets for every emotion God gave us and more people should learn to play a musical instrument, in my opinion. I am giving thought to purchasing your program. Even though I do play the piano, I have developed some bad habits and you could straighten me out. Thanks again.

  • Thomas glad you won't say that the free ride is over. I can look forward to seeing you every Sunday with more gorgeous music tips.

    Am overwhelmed with your warmth and the passion to teach music to the whole world.
    You trulyare an angel How can we not fall in love with you?! My ambition is to one day play the piano to serve you with love, Sir!

  • Thank you ever so much for your piano lessons Thomas. I owe you.may God bless you and continue to touch many more lives

  • Thomas,
    I very much appreciated your piano crash course. It was so much fun 🙂
    Looking forward to receiving my (our) piano soon to put all the fun into action. Can't wait any longer...
    Keep up the good spirit of your lessons and enjoy teaching all the new piano students in your lovely manner.
    Thanks so much,

  • Thank you very much. It was such perfect lessons that triggered my passion to learn piano. I am very grateful & thankful.

  • Hello Thomas
    Thank you for the lessons. You are doing great job. I am very happy that I found you on YouTube. I was looking for the piano lessons how to play on YouTube. And I found you are doing the best and the most right way. The first was " Fur Elise" later "Happy birthday ". Now I am doing you amazing "River flows in you" lessons. You are the best teacher I had ever. And also very charismatic person. Your voice sounds like music for me.
    You are offering to buy PIANO COMPLETE COURSE. What I can found there. It will be lessons the same as in YouTube channel or like you was sending there on e-mail? On email was a bit too slow for me. But I was waiting for the second one with impatience. And I absolutely agree with your philosophy about learning what you was writing in e-mails.
    Waiting for the answer about PIANO COMPLETE COURSE.
    I am trying to learn German. My be you are doing German lessons? Because you are great teacher.

  • Great Lessons! Truly you are one of a kind. I definitely will be ordering your course next week. Thank you again - best teaching skills with lot of fun added.

  • Mary Williams says:

    Than you Thomas for these lessons. I will watch out for you in the future. I will have to pass on your course at the moment but hope to catch up with you again soon. Mary

  • Hi

    Thank you so much for the awesome lessons. You are a great teacher. What is the name of the first song we learned? I want to continue to play a little more advanced version on my own.

    I am going to sign up for your other lessons. Thanks again
    Cheers and blessings go,

  • Dear Thomas
    There is no words to describe everything what you've done for us. If at least half of the people in this world were like you, this world would be paradise full of humanity, understanding, love and unselfish giving.
    I want to share with you and everyone who appreciates your work, how I found out about you.
    I was at my work in the library Bar, and suddenly an Indian girl appeared. We have a piano there in the corner, and she asked me if she could play the piano. I said yes of course, and I turn off our bar music. And she started. Ohh my God, what is this? What is the name of this melody. Everyone inside the Bar was shocked. I fell in love with that melody and when she finished I asked her for the name of the melody. It was "comptine d'un autre ete". I told her that she make my evening so beautiful. After few days I promise to myself that I will learn to play this, It doesn't matter how and when. I never play piano before, but I must to learn this.
    Then I started to dig on the youtube and found your way Thomas how to play COMPTINE D'UN AUTRE ÉTÉ.
    Now you're probably wondering if I've learned? Yes, thanks to you Thomas. I learned also "River flowsin you". Still I constantly practicing, but for a totaly beginner it is more than good. And Im so proud.
    No, Im not pround on myself, Im proud on you Thomas, I am proud of your kindness and what you have done for me and for the others also. I am proud because there are still people of a big heart in this devious world, who want to share what they have inside them.
    Thank you Thomas, I send you countless hugs and greetings from Serbia.

    • Dear Redrag,

      Your heartfelt message truly touched me. Hearing about your journey into piano playing, how it all began with a melody that moved you, and how you promised yourself to learn it, is incredibly inspiring. It makes all the work I put into creating these lessons worth it. It's students like you who make teaching such a rewarding experience.

      I'm delighted to know you've learned not just "Comptine d'un autre été" but also "River Flows in You". Your dedication and love for music shine through your words, and I couldn't be more proud of your progress.

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. It's wonderful to know that what I do can reach and touch people's lives across the world. Keep playing, keep practicing, and never lose your passion for music. Warm greetings and countless thanks back to you from here.


  • great job going to see if i can do the course now keep up the great work ken

    • Dear Ken,

      Thank you for your encouragement. I'm glad to hear that you're considering taking the course. Remember, the joy of learning piano is in the journey itself. I'm confident that with dedication and practice, you'll do wonderfully. Looking forward to having you on board and hearing about your progress.


  • Mahesh Acharya says:

    Thank you so much sir. Im gonna miss your wonderfull way of teaching piano.

    • Dear Mahesh,

      Thank you for your kind words. It warms my heart to know that you've enjoyed my teaching style. Remember, even though the course may have ended, your piano journey continues. Keep practicing and exploring music. I'll be here should you decide to take more lessons in the future.


  • Thank you sir for your free lessons I've learned a lot and getting better at playing my keyboard.I really appreciate this

    • Dear Shaneala,

      I'm thrilled to hear that you're finding the lessons helpful and seeing progress with your keyboard playing. Your dedication to learning is truly commendable. It's my pleasure to share these lessons with passionate learners like you. Keep up the great work and enjoy your musical journey.


  • Marianne Aagaard says:

    Thank you for the lessons. You are a great teacher.

    • Dear Marianne,

      Thank you for your kind words. It's truly rewarding to hear that you appreciate the lessons. I'm here to help you on your musical journey, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. Keep up the great work!


  • Thomas can you pls send me the Sunday videos.

    • Dear Xin,

      Thank you for reaching out. Sure I make sure to send you the Sunday videos. Please feel free to email me directly if you still don't receive them.


  • Thanks so much!Maybe I will see you later!Thank you!

  • Thanks so much!Maybe I will see you later!Thank you! You are great!

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm glad to hear you've found the lessons helpful. It's been a pleasure being part of your piano journey. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Keep practicing and enjoy your music!


  • Thank you So much Thomas you are my best piano teacher I wish you all the best .

    • Dear Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm honored to hear that you consider me your best piano teacher. Your support means a lot and motivates me to continue delivering the best lessons I can. Keep up your wonderful progress and I wish you all the best on your piano journey.


  • Marcella Petrarca says:

    Thank you, so much Thomas, for your lessons, your tricks to start up fast but especially for your great optimistisch warm energy, thanks!! I learned a lot and fast and am secretly learning from your youtube video's as well. As soon as I make a little more money, I will definitely start a real course with you. Thank you so much and till soon!
    -Marcella (The Hague)

    • Dear Marcella,

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful message. I'm thrilled to hear that you're finding the lessons and tips useful, and that my energy is resonating with you. It's great to know that you're also learning from the YouTube videos. Your dedication and enthusiasm are inspiring! Remember, every step you take brings you closer to your goal. When you're ready for a more structured course, I'll be here to support your journey. Wishing you the best from across the globe until we connect again.


  • Thank you so much Thomas for the wonderful lessons..I'll definitely miss these lessons! You're a great Teacher and also a great pianist.. I feel like I've progressed a lot with the help of these lessons..Thanks once again, I'll take song tutorials from ur YouTube channel..Hope to see you soon:)

    • Dear Rida,

      Thank you for such a heartfelt message. I'm delighted to hear that you've found the lessons valuable and have seen progress in your piano skills. It's wonderful to know that you're planning to continue learning through the song tutorials on my YouTube channel. Your kind words mean a lot to me and are a huge part of what makes teaching so rewarding. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Keep up the great work!


  • Louise Cass says:

    Thanks again, Thomas, and I'll be back in touch for more once my keyboard arrives and I hopefully master these ten lessons
    best regards
    Louise Cass

    • Dear Louise,

      It's great to hear from you! I'm excited for you and the arrival of your new keyboard. Your enthusiasm to master the initial ten lessons is truly inspiring. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress and assisting you further in your musical journey. Take your time, enjoy every step, and do reach out whenever you're ready for more.

      Best regards,

  • Hello Thomas -
    thank you for your helpful guidance - it has refreshed my interest! I seem to have missed dLesson 8 which I think was the second part of the song - I did receive the first part but seem to have messed the part that showed the left hand accompaniment?

    • Hello Judith,

      I'm delighted to hear that you've found the lessons helpful and that they've rekindled your interest. As for Lesson 8, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I suggest checking your email or the website to make sure you didn't miss it. If you're still having trouble finding it, please let me know and email me at [email protected] and I'd be more than happy to assist you further. Your progress is important to me, and I'm here to support you in your musical journey.


  • Hello my dear teacher, I am your student Midou. I have been a musician for 8 or 9 years, the Arabic style, and now I wanted to learn the classic style, meaning playing the piano. I followed you and liked the way you study, your explanation and your words are understandable, but I benefited only a little from them and I did not know the reason and I want to learn the piano and play with both hands. Any song I want in the fastest way possible. Thank you very much for your efforts that you made for us. I hope that you will speak to me soon.

    • Hello dear Midou,

      It's great to hear from you and learn about your musical background in Arabic style. Transitioning to a different style such as classical piano can indeed pose some challenges, but your passion and experience will definitely serve you well in this journey. It's important to remember that mastering any instrument, especially something as versatile as the piano, takes time and patience. Keep practicing and soon you'll see improvement in playing with both hands. I appreciate your kind words and feedback. Stay tuned for more lessons and don't hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.


  • Thank you so so much for your wonderful 10 lessons they are fantastic
    I will practice then buy the next lessons,Bit slow as I am 87 but determined to learn during this covid time Take care & thanks again I WILL be in touch x

    • Hello Hannah,

      Thank you for your uplifting message. It's wonderful to hear how determined you are, proving that age is truly just a number. Your perseverance is inspiring and I'm thrilled that you're finding the lessons beneficial. Remember, progress is progress no matter the pace, so take your time and enjoy each step of the journey. Looking forward to hearing from you again, and please take good care of yourself as well during these challenging times.


  • Thank you so much for teach me how to enjoy and play the piano.
    Very appreciated. I’ll keep practicing to improve my skill.

    • Hello Sartiman,

      Your message warmed my heart. I'm thrilled to hear that you're enjoying the piano and finding value in the lessons. The fact that you're committed to practicing and improving is testament to your passion and dedication. Keep up the great work and remember to enjoy every moment of your musical journey. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your progress.


  • I have taught myself guitar and yet the keyboard seemed beyond my reach..a great friend died who played keyboard at my open mic night Fretz and I decided to auction his keyboard s with his family's permission and one of keyboards was donated to Fretz for anyone to use and other I have from the auction..and it sat behind my settee until covid changed everything and I decided to honour my friend by learning to play Imagine..then I learnt Fur Elise and I am hooked at 68yrs I've left it a bit late but..a massive thank you for your teaching I read posts from other people and how wonderful it must be to change and influence people from around the world if only world leaders would play music what a beautiful world it would be...Imagine

    • Hello Ken,

      Your story is deeply moving, and it's beautiful to see how you're honoring your friend's memory through music. It's never too late to start this journey and I'm thrilled that you've discovered a passion for the keyboard. Your progress with pieces like "Imagine" and "Für Elise" is a testament to your dedication. And I agree, music has the power to connect and influence people in the most profound ways. Thank you for your inspiring words, they really resonate with my beliefs about the power of music. Let's keep imagining and making this world a more harmonious place through our shared love for music.


  • Hi Thomas
    I have been experiencing your 10 Piano Lessons. I have always wanted to play piano but have not done anything about it. I have enjoyed getting small new lessons everyday. It reminds me to practise, if even just a few minutes to try the lesson.
    I see you have a Lesson package for sale but I have not heard/seen anywhere where it discribes what media platform (CD, Books, DVD, etc.) you use for the lessons.
    With all the new technology, some of the media equipment has become obsolete.

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Hi Renee,

      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your experience with the 10 Piano Lessons. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the journey and finding the daily lessons motivating!

      Regarding your question about the media format of the Lesson package, it's fantastic to hear your interest in the details. My course is primarily an online platform, offering the flexibility of streaming videos. This allows you to access the lessons anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

      Additionally, for those who prefer or require offline access, the lessons can also be downloaded. This feature is perfect if you want to save lessons for later review, or even if you wish to burn them onto a DVD for a more traditional viewing experience.

      I hope this clarifies the format and options available with my Lesson package. It's designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone can learn in a way that best suits them. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

  • just wanted to thank you for the lessons-without them i would have still been just poking around my key board-im 69 years old an have been trying to learn this key board for awhile without success-i took lessons years ago but they were too expensive so i had to quit-sorry didnt mean to get into my life story-but did just want to say thank you..peggye

    • Hi Peggye. Like you I have had a keyboard for years but it was just an ornament to put my tea on. However since taking on Thomas’s lessons I have enjoyed his free lessons. Not quite sure if I am ready to bite the bullet and go for the paid lessons. Are you?

      • Thomas Forschbach says:

        Hi John
        great that you liked practicing with the free lessons.
        Thanks to my 60 days money back guarantee you do not take a risk ordering my premium class. Like this you can work with the lessons and see if this is a fit for you.
        Keep up the good work and enjoy playing piano

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Hi Peggye
      thanks for your interest in Piano Complete.
      This course is an online download class. After the purchase the class is uploaded in the library. Here you always have access to the videos. You can download the videos, burn them to DVD or copy them on a stick. You do not get a hard copy.

      Have fun playing piano

  • Having returned to playing a piano after a lot of years, I have enjoyed your 10 lessons and will continue to practice.

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      This makes me really happy to hear 😊Thanks so much for sharing, Ann. And I’m looking forward to hear more of your progress.

  • Thank you so much! Learning lots. Especially like the green shadow keys that gives a better view.

  • Thank you so much I especially like the green key display.

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Glad to hear that Bonnie 🙂 also thanks for your feedback. I'm using the green key display more and more often now.

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