Make your lifelong dream of playing piano come true with steps you can do in the time it takes to eat breakfast.

Discover the most beautiful way to learn playing the piano

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RE: Achieve your dream of learning how to play piano...

From: Thomas Forschbach

Is your piano more of a statement piece than an instrument that brings you joy?

Have you ever watched someone play with such passion and found yourself wishing you could be that free?

Did you sit down to play, take one look at a complicated piece of sheet music, and bail?


Together, we’ll turn your pipe dream of playing piano into an actual roadmap that makes learning fun, easy and productive from the very start.

I love to teach students to play all the songs they love with my unique learning method. And you will learn the original and beautiful piano versions of your favorite songs and not the boring simplified Music School versions. After finding success in Germany, I’ve come to Hollywood to bring my courses to a global audience and help even more people fall in love with learning to play.

Everyone has a reason for wanting to learn the piano.

You want to kick off your shoes after a long day at work and unwind at the keys. Or be the life of the party who brings people together with their favorite music. You may have even tried piano as a kid, but never practiced, and now you feel you owe it to yourself to give music one more try.

If you’ve put “learn piano” on your bucket list year after year, I’m here to help.

Most people give up on learning to play a musical instrument because they’re intimidated, bored with monotonous exercises or just don’t know where to start. I created my courses to breathe life back into what motivated you in the first place and help you learn to play piano with heart:

  • They are free, but after each lesson, you’ll have to waste your practice time to search the next lessons that will start from where the previous one stopped. 
  • Sometimes, you may not even find the next lesson which fits you. When you do, it may not be from the person whose lesson you just finished. 

What Of Youtube Piano Lessons?

  • Most of the courses are boring and filled with plenty of hard-to-understand theories 
  • They contain only some pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to become a good piano player.
  • Worse still, they are produced by pianists who don’t know how to teach. Some of them are even produced by people who haven’t played the piano all their life. How can someone who has never done something teach you how to do it?
  • All the piano apps out there are filled with training with no video lessons. This makes it look like you are learning from a machine
  • The apps will detect your mistakes while you practice but won’t correct or tell you how to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  • These apps may teach you how to play correct notes but not how to arrange them to make a music.
  • They are configured to teach you just one way to use each key when there are thousands of possible ways to use every key. 
  • On top of that, apps offer a bit for free to entice you to register and then you’ll start paying an endless monthly subscription fees. At the end, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars.
  • Apps will make it seem that you are learning the piano fast. However, it will take much longer because you are missing the right techniques, details and arrangements. 

Well, there are a ton of Udemy courses, YouTube videos and piano learning apps out there calming to teach how to get good at playing piano.

Unfortunately the problem is that:

So What Can You Do To Master The Piano Without Spending Literally A Thousand Hours Practicing?

As a student of Piano Complete you will learn 100x faster than usual.

Motivation that lasts a lifetime - guaranteed!

A bold claim, I know.

But I’ve proven this claim with a huge following of students in Germany and I’m ready to bring these same skills to you! Learning to play piano the right way makes all the difference in not only how you learn, but how you are able to touch hearts with your music.

Because isn’t that what music is all about?

Other courses, online or not, will give beginners boring and simplified Music School versions of the songs they want to play. These versions are stiff and robotic. Why would you be motivated to practice if that is your final result?

There are three myths people use to talk themselves out of learning the piano:

In fact, many years ago, I found myself in your shoes. 

I desperately wanted to learn how to play the piano very well. 

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I couldn’t just master the piano satisfactorily. 

I knew I had to do something if I wanted to improve my piano playing skills and achieve my goals.

The only problem was that I had no clue where to start.

Myth 1: You need talent.

Talent only takes you so far. With the right method, you can sound like a pro in no time.  

Myth 2: You need to read sheet music.

Sheet music is good, but not at the beginning. When you were a baby, you were just learning to speak. You didn’t have to worry about grammar, writing or anything else. If you did, do you think you would have learned quickly? You probably would have been too afraid to open your mouth!

This is why I don’t start with sheet music. It’s also why my students learn 100x faster.

Myth 3: Learning how to play the piano is hard.

This myth is why so many kids forced into piano lessons at a young age and never stick with it. Stay away from myth number 2 and the boring, repetitive exercises that come with it. Learning can be fun and easy!

Take it from me.

With the traditional method, it took me over a year to learn how to play the piano piece "River Flows in You". My students are learning this same song in JUST a few days.

As personal as a private piano lesson. As convenient as Netflix.

When you buy Piano Complete, you get access to my in-depth tutorials, course materials AND support from me. I receive feedback and contact from my students every day - it’s the best part of my job!

My course is focused on two important rules:

       1. Start without sheet music.

       2. Get the correct practice parts.

We talked about sheet music, but just what are these practice parts? The keystone of my method, I use my expertise to split a complicated song into practice parts that make it easier for you to learn a song well and easily. This is huge, because the choice of correct practice parts is the difference between whether you master the piece or lose your motivation.

Think back to the idea of those repetitive exercises many teachers force on their students: putting in hours and hours of the same chords with no reward is frustrating. Would you keep playing?

The right practice parts make all the difference. You can learn them perfectly in minutes. This saves you time and makes you want to keep learning!

Join my global network of students and start
playing piano like a professional from day 1 with Piano Complete.

With Piano Complete, you have the advantage of buying in to a method that actually works. I get feedback like this daily from my students:

Don’t waste your time repeating mistakes again and again or falling for Music School courses that will take away your motivation and passion for the piano.

With my method you will have fun, actually learn songs you want to play and understand piano theory and techniques in a way that doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out! It’s a win-win-win!

Plus, I make it my mission to be available for any questions or thoughts from you along the way. This online course is not another “hands-off” ways for a teacher to make passive income. I am always available, you can ask me any question via email...I’m always on your side 🙂

You don’t have to decide now! At the end of this site you’ll find my 100% Money-Back-Guarantee.

Piano Complete: My popular German method now worldwide

My course was created from my 20 years of experience playing piano. Now you can learn EVERYTHING, just like my students did…

Piano Complete

The ultimate beginner course.

  • This is an online piano class specially designed to take even complete beginners and turn them into pro players faster than any other method. 
  • With this class, you can learn to play all the songs you’ve ever wanted to play without the need to do boring exercises, but by playing some of the most wonderful and popular piano pieces. It’s the playful and fun way.
  • You start with playing the correct notes and move to popular rhythm style piano (think of artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel,  Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, Coldplay, Norah Jones and so on) which means you get to sound like a pro right from the start. You then expand step-by-step into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, classical music, Improvisation and creating your own melodies. You will even learn how to read music as you learn how to ‘play-by-ear’ and eventually you will be able to play some amazing Classical pieces. 
  • In fact, after passing this online class successfully, you’ll be able to sit down at the piano and immediately play all the songs that come into your mind with no sheet required, even if you’ve never played them before. You will learn this amazing skill that usually only stay withheld for professional piano players.
  • All in all, this course is the first time ever a professional piano player and teacher, who is currently still performing and successful, made it possible even for beginners at the piano to learn this unique way to play the piano. This is also the reason I grew to one of the most famous piano teachers in the world.

Piano Komplete


  • It doesn’t just focus on one area of learning how to play the piano. You get everything you need to learn how to play the piano like me. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left out.
  • My online class is produced me – a professional piano player –  whereas most of the piano teachers are not professionals and are missing important stuff to teach, which cost you a lot of work and time to learn later.
  • I teach not only how to play “the correct notes”, but more importantly, how to make music, that sound really nice, is really passionate and touches hearts. 
  • I have a unique way of teaching that is fun and makes you enjoy and have a great time while your learn how to play the piano. 
  • My method of teaching involves “small practice parts” and has been proven to cut students learning time. This is because taking many small steps will bring you to your goal in the shortest amount of time possible.

On the contrary, other piano teaching methods often places too big steps at a time. This can be frustrating and make you want to give up and quit learning piano.

  • Apart from my method being 100x faster than any other learning method, it is designed in a way that you can even master the piano when you don’t have any previous experience. This is because it’s only when a beginner with no experience and no talent takes small steps at a time that he can make it.

The Difference, However; Is That My Online Class Blows All The Others Out Of The Water Because…

After all, if I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide that could help me master the piano, what were the chances anyone else could? 

The result is of decision to release my secrets is a revolutionary, fail proof online class that taps into the musician inside all of us to get anyone playing the piano brilliantly in a few days.

Given the tremendous success I and my previous students had encountered using my secrets and learning methods; I’m sure that even a dumb person could take the same easy to understands strategies and achieve success as well.

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right. There’s a ton of piano classes out there. What makes you and yours so different?”

I won’t deny for a minute that there are other resources that teach how to play the piano out there…after all I’ve seen most of them, if not all of them.

Well, instead of wasting your precious time and money on these courses, apps and Youtube videos, there is an easier way to learn how to play the piano.

What’s in the course:

Module 1: Easy Songs Vol. 1-5 

I put together a huge set with some of the most popular chord progressions that are found and can be adapt to hundreds of popular songs. Each lesson brings the fun right into your practice room.

When you learn to play the piano this way your horizon will open for a great time. The playing of these easy techniques in realtime is one of my secrets for the development of your full potential und also a great piano sound.

This set contains a huge repertoire of different kinds of music styles and more than 450 min of detailed piano instructions. And of course, with the important focus on having fun with the piano and learning while you are playing.

You will learn tips and techniques of the most famous and successful piano players like Elton John, Yiruma, Billie Joel, Ludovico Einaudi, Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, Joshua Kadison and many more...

These techniques and tricks will lift your songs into a new dimension!

Regular price: 97,- Dollar

Here’s A Sneak Peak Into What The Online Class Will Cover

Module 2: Acoustic Piano Vol. 1 

Inside, you’ll discover "The right way to sit on the piano", "How to position the fingers", "Playing of scales", "Notes on the keyboard", and "All chords of a scale". You’ll also get tips, tricks and exercises that will help you to make your fingers go smooth and fast over the keyboard and let your music sound really wonderful.

And you won’t be alone! Absolute beginner, who have never been sitting on a piano are prepared so that nothing keeps cloudy.

We cover the frequently asked questions of beginners at the piano in detail and we also have some cool chord progressions.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 3: Acoustic Piano Vol. 2

You will learn how to use the whole keyboard with all keys you have available on your instrument; how to amplify your chords and the difference between major and minor and show you famous ways of playing these chords. 

You will be even able to form chords and scales by yourself after you learned with this module! 

Because I dedicated many videos to the topic "chords", you’ll also learn how to create a special atmosphere. How would you like to sound your piano today? Happy? Sad? With Tension? Relaxed? Free? Cheerful? Funny? Thin? Fat? They are all in this module.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 4: Master every song

With this module, you’ll be able to learn to play all your favorite songs on the piano even without knowing how to read sheets.

After learning the basics, here comes a unique system, which will allow you to sit down on the piano and be able to play every song that comes into your mind…even if you’re a complete beginner

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 5: Learn to play the song you just heard - Ear Training Power Exercises 

How would this be: You hear a song in the radio and think "Oh, I would love to play the song on the piano." Then you go to the piano and after a few minutes you are able to play the song.

Sounds amazing, right?

But is it really possible for you?

I know it sounds to good to be true, but it is!

Having a good "musical ear" is an amazing skill for every musician. When you have a well trained "musical ear" you will be able to play the songs you hear in the radio right after you heard them.

When you think this is not possible for you, now is the time to prove it wrong.

This module is jam-packed with exercises for training the musical ear. 

With these power exercises you will be able to take your "musical ear" on a great level!

And by the way... these power exercises are super fun!!

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 6: Practice with ease

If you should ever struggle with your progress because you think there is something to hard or difficult for you, here are some power hacks for you.

Power hacks that will prevent you from giving up!

Power hacks that are proven and used by many professional musicians. Because, believe it or not, even professional musicians sometimes struggle with practicing. Happily most of them know these hacks.

But unfortunately they are not taught to piano students.

Until now!

Here, for the first time ever, these power hacks are available for piano students! Because they are for piano students as helpful as they are for professional musicians.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 7: Practice Shortcuts - Learn more in a shorter amount of time

Sometimes it’s not possible to spend as much time as you want with your piano.

This is the reason, why you’ll learn in this module, how to make great progress on the piano even if you don’t have time to practice.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 8: Electric Piano Vol. 1 

Do you have a keyboard or an e-piano? This module will show you how to do more with it than just pressing the “Demo” Button and then teach you how to get a really beautiful piano sound out of it. 

You also will learn:

The very famous Keyboard-Riff of Van Halens “Jump”. 

Syntheziser Sounds which you've met very often but you never knew that they are existing. 

Crazy analog Solo-Synthi-Sounds with play techniques of, Hammond-Orgel with Leslie-Rotor Effect, legendary E-Piano Sounds and more... 

Everything in detail. All in a very detailed way so that you get a perfect overview in the world of electric pianos.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Module 9: Staging & Performance (At Home & On The Stage)

It’s not only about what you play, but how to perform it. Even when you play just for yourself, there should be a little performance which can make you more excited.

That’s why I have included this module, which will teach you how to make the music you are playing more enjoyable for yourself or for a performance on a big stage, thanks to some great power hacks.

Regular price: 29,- Dollar

  • Module 9: Staging & Performance 

It’s not only about what you play, but how to perform it. Even when you play just for yourself, there should be a little performance which can make you more excited. That’s why I have included this module, which will teach you how to make the music you are playing more enjoyable even for yourself thanks to some great power hacks. 

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Who doesn’t love a great bonus? I’m so excited to introduce my methods to you that I’ve included some extra courses
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Bonus 1: Learn to read sheet music on the piano

Of course it’s an amazing skill to sit down at the piano and just start playing whatever you like. This is what you will learn in the main course. But it is also amazing when you are able to read sheets on the piano. So this high bonus (value: $99.-) is included for a very limited time.

Regular price: 99,- Dollar

Bonus 2: Music Business 

This powerful bonus will be of immense help if you are either planning to make a living just with music or if you are just curious about the details of the background of music business and the life of a musician. I’m going to explain you how the charts are working, show you possible ways for landing a hit into the charts. I’m also talking about casting shows and most importantly about how to really make a living as a musician.

Some people think that being a musician is just an unprofitable activity and that’s never possible to do this for a living. But that’s not true! 

I will share here more than 10 years experience in show business with you.

Regular price: 49,- Dollar

Bonus 3: Playing with other musicians - Duo, Trio Or Even Your Own Band 

This will show you how you can play together with other musicians no matter if you play just with a singer, with a soloist in a band, with an orchestra or just play the piano while you are singing by yourself.

Regular price: 39,- Dollar

Bonus 4: VIP Email support 

As my subscriber, if you’ve ever tried to send me an email, you know that you always get an answer. With being a customer you gain VIP answers, more help and faster responses.

Regular price: 21,- Dollar/Month

  • Bonus 4: VIP Email support 

As my subscriber, if you’ve ever tried to send me an email, you know that you always get an answer. With being a customer you gain VIP answers, more help and faster responses.

It’s time to stop writing “learn to play piano” on your list of New Year’s resolutions and start
enjoying the benefits learning to play can bring to every area of your life.

Let’s get started - together!

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Thomas Forschbach

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If after registration, you discover that this online class isn’t worth your [price], simple report back within 1 year and your complete money will be refunded.

Yes. You have a whole 365 days to decide if this online class is good for you.

In other words, there's no risk to you when you sign up now. All the risk is on me! 

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I’m even going to sweeten the deal by throwing in the following powerful bonuses.

Now You May Be Wondering How You Can Take Advantage Of Piano Komplete And Make Your Dreams Of Learning How To Play Piano Come True.

  • It is only available to people who are complete beginners and those who consider themselves intermediate piano players. 
  • It is not for top professionals or advanced players, nor is it for whiners, complainers, or those are not action takers.
  • Please do not order if you are not comfortable watching videos on the computer, smartphone or tablet because this class is not available on DVD. You get access to the online class (download incl.)
  • And do not order if you don’t at least 4-6 hours per month for practice time

Would you like to achieve similar or even better results?

Well, I want to give you the chance to try Piano Komplete entirely risk free... but I'll tell you more about that in a moment. 

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These and many more are the results you can achieve when you take advantage of Piano Komplete today.

But don't just take my words for it…

  • Making your dream come true
  • Learning to play the most wonderful and popular piano pieces
  • Being able to read sheet music 
  • Learning how to play all your favorite songs on the piano without knowing how to read sheets
  • Knowing how to get really done what you would like to practice
  • Knowing how to make great progress on the piano even if you don't have time to practice
  • Learning how to play popular songs on the piano - piano songs that touches your heart, no matter if it’s chart hits, popular music, classical pieces or movie soundtracks.
  • Being able to play the piano just for yourself as a hobby
  • Mastering the piano and using it as a new hobby to relax from your everyday life
  • Training your ear and brain
  • Making friends, family and other people happy and, most importantly, impressing them with your piano music 
  • Never regretting not making your dreams of learning how to play piano come true

Just Imagine...

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There's so much I couldn't possibly list it all here.

I’m offering you a complete piano learning system jam-packed with information, video lessons and fun learning practices! And, you can access it all right now, instantly, completely risk-free.

Dear friend, 

Do you wish that you could learn to play the piano very well?

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Well, you can.

However, without a good teacher and the right teaching method, you may never learn it.

Even if you do, it could take you years and thousands of dollars.

Because learning to play any musical instrument, especially the piano can be a grindingly boring experience. 

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"Revealed! World Famous Piano Player And Teacher Thomas Forschbach Releases His Step-By-Step Online Training And His Secret Way To Master The Piano – In Days Not Months – Without Wasting Money, Time And Effort On Traditional Piano Lessons, Apps Or Videos. Guaranteed!" 

Are you finally ready to start playing like a pro every time you sit down on the piano?