Is it possible to learn playing piano online without a real teacher sitting right next to you??? Yes, absolutely!!!!

Since 2013 I'm doing online piano lessons in German. You can be sure: it works! At the beginning my students learn the name of the piano keys, how chords are played, how to play many beautiful songs on the piano, how to sit correctly, how to play piano with both hands and much more...

And they make great progress with the help of online tutorials and videos. I explain everything in detail and at the same time I show how it’s played on the piano. In the videos you can't only see my hands and fingers on the piano, but also a separate piano keyboard above with colored keys. This will help you to see clearly which keys are played.

And this is how you can do it, too. Here are the steps for massive results:


First of all, take a look at one of my tutorials to see how my videos look like and work 🙂


I recommend you to continue with my Piano Crash Course for beginners - you get 10 absolutely free lessons, in which you can find all piano basics which guarantee an easy start


For even more fun, learn to play beautiful songs on the piano - have a look on my other videos here on my blog or on my YouTube Channel and pick one tutorial that you like

What do you think? Is this a good approach? Will you try it out? Or would you do it differently? Write me an email or a comment and let me know your opinion and experience 🙂

I would be glad to hear from you!


About the Author

More than 1500 Live Concerts played Thomas to date. 2 own shows „Thomas Forschbach & Friends“ where he flew down from the ceiling and played the piano upside down.

He loves to entertain with his music and make people smile.

He played the piano in the most exclusive hotels like The Ritz -Paris & The Plaza - New York. Met Shakira, Placido Domingo, Franz Beckenbauer, sang together with German soccer keeper Manuel Neuer "We are the world" and made Top Manager dance late at night.

Today he loves to sit down at the piano, turn on the camera and shares everything he knows about playing the piano, shares the secrets most piano player will never know and developed his unique practicing method thanks to his famous "small practice parts".

This method made him the No. 1 piano teacher in Germany and one of the most popular piano teachers in the world.

People love with method and you should give it a try!

  • Sally Bruce says:

    HI Thomas,
    I just ordered the x-ray view. I can't get it to down load into my (your library- have the reading music- no x-ray view. been working on this for 2 hours. Please help.

  • Courtney Tekulvex says:

    I have my first piano online lessons this coming weekends, and now I searching how to play piano basically, and I found it.. thanks..!

  • Are you still sending out those 10 lessons? I havent received any.. 🙂

  • Diane Pagliaro says:

    I am pulling up the first FREE lesson on line. How do i get to the reading by site videos? ThANK YOU

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