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The Amélie Soundtrack - "Comptine d'un autre été"

- On the piano -


My very first piano tutorial in English: „Comptine d'un autre été“ - the Soundtrack from „Amélie“… I must confess, I was somewhat nervous… 🙂

Meanwhile, a few months passed, but this song is still wonderful, right?!

With this tutorial you can learn to play the whole song on the piano.

Yeah, I know, the video is pretty long. I split it up in several small parts, so that I can show you how to play it step by step, chord by chord 🙂

Here are the parts and the times:

The whole song played: 00:39

Part 1: 03:18

Part 2: 07:10

Part 3: 11:05

Part 4: 21:46

Part 5: 25:51

Part 6: 29:17

Part 7: 36:13

Take a look at the video and try to play the song, too:


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I hope you like it!

Please write a comment below, if you have any questions or remarks regarding this video.

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Thank you for watching the video and I hope to see you in another tutorial 🙂

Best regards


  • Christian Martin says:


    Thank you so much for this tutorial, your videos are perfect for learning the piano.

    Please please please do a tutorial for Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi. This has always been my favourite song but there are no proper tutorials for it on YouTube.

    It is a very popular song so I'm sure your viewers would love to learn it.


  • Stephen says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks so much for the video. Very good of way breaking things down. A huge help. Getting there gradually, even recognising the hardest part now from the film, one I really love.
    Hope you are well and safe,

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Stephen
      great that you like working with the video and that you make progess.

      Enjoy practicing and playing piano 🙂

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