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How to play Christmas Songs on the Piano

Piano Tutorial: Last Christmas by Wham


Hey guys,

Xmas is coming!

Wouldn't it be great to play a beautiful Christmas song on the piano for your family? I think that would be an awesome surprise 🙂

And now is the perfect moment to start practicing!

Here's an easy piano tutorial for you: „Last Christmas“ by Wham!

It's not only for complete beginners, but also for intermediate and advanced piano players.

With this piano lessons you'll be able to learn to play this song very fast.

Let’s get started !! There’s a lot to discover.

I explain every little part in detail, to make it easier for you 🙂

Here are the videos:

Wham - Last Christmas

Part 1

Click here for free piano course for beginner

Part 2 (Chorus)

Click here for free piano course for beginner

Part 3

Click here for free piano course for beginner

Part 4 (Melody of the verse)

Click here for free piano course for beginner


And if these tutorials are a little bit too difficult for you, then it’s better to start with my . You’ll find it here!

After that it will certainly be easier for you to learn this wonderful and famous Christmas song.

If you have any questions or feedback for me, feel free to email me anytime!

Have fun 🙂


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Angie Seddon Reply

Hi Thomas

Really enjoying your style of tutoring. Thank you!
Do you have more easy Christmas carols?

Angie UK

    Thomas Reply

    Hi Angie
    great to hear from you.
    Last Christmas
    Silent Night very easy

    In my class Piano Christmas Songs Vol.1 I always show an easy for version for beginners of every song.

    Enjoy playing piano 🙂

Neil Young Reply

Your teaching is awesome as well as your tutelage. You always inspire me to play more. Thank you always.

    Thomas Reply

    Hi Neil
    thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate it.

    Have a nice day

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