Hey guys, I have a new piano tutorial for you. And it's one of the most requested songs in the last days: "Hall of Fame" by The Script feat. will.i.am.

And it's true. There is a really nice piano part in it a. I also like it very much!!

The challenge is, that there are many many notes to remember and this is not easy. But I gave my best to divid the song in very small parts and I'm sure that you will master the song the way I'm going to show you in this video.

So, I really hope you enjoy this piano tutorial and look forward to your comments!

How did you like this tutorial? Do you like the song? Or do you have another song request?

Let me know in the comments below. I really locking forward to read them!!

And if you are new to my blog or if you are a beginner at the piano, I highly recommend to grap my famous 10 beginner lessons. You get one lesson per day with the right amount to practice an the good news they are absolutely for FREE!

My goal is to help anyone at the piano to succeed.

There are many many tips and tricks for playing the piano. I'm really locking forward to see in the next video and in the first beginner lesson.

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Take care!


About the Author

With more than 1500 live concerts Thomas is one of the most popular piano player in germany.
His biggest mission is to spread the love! He's only doing what he really loves.
With his "Baby" Thomas Forschbach & Friends he decided to make a dream come true and played to big shows with his best musical friends, orchestra and play from the ciling hovered headfirst piano.
So his next big goal is to help people in the world to learn how to play piano.

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