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Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

An easy piano tutorial


This tutorial is especially for those who have unforgettable memories of the song Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65 🙂

Do you remember this cool and sensational song? It was such a hit at the end of the 90s. We couldn’t get enough of it at this time 🙂

In this video I show you a fun way, how to play this song on the piano. I hope you like it!

The tutorial contains an easy version for beginner and an advanced one, too.


Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Click here for free piano course for beginner


And here I have important basic stuff on the piano for you!!

As always I'm here for you, if you have questions 🙂

See you soon!

  • Leeyong Kek says:

    Hi Thomas
    This Blue is a beautiful sing and I tried to learn it but I had to pause ad replay many times because I could not follow closely enough when to play the left hand at the right time to match the right hand. It would be very helpful if you also give us the notes and chords so that we can be sure we have not left out any notes along the way.
    Lee Yong

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Lee Yong,
      great that you want to play this great song 🙂
      You can watch the YouTube videos in slow motion. You can change the speed at the small gearwheel. I am sure then you can see better what exactly I am playing.

      Have fun 🙂

  • Maria Sabelli says:

    Hello Thomas...I just registered for your classes...
    Alter signing in for the 10 free classes...before starting ...I only get the 5th one...where do I get the other ones ?
    Also I wish it would be slower...left hand leaving the green notes on longer... than right hand...with Green notes on longer... Îm really a beginner...not knowing notes....
    When I stop to take a good look at it.....them start where I left it...it stars all over from the beginning...?
    Thanks and I am sure I will enjoy once I get the hand of it...

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Maria,
      thanks for your message.
      The 10 lessons of the crash course have been sent to you. Maybe you can also check your junk folder.
      We just signed you in again for the crash course and soon you should get the first lesson. Does it work? If not, please also check your junkf folder.

      Thanks for your feedback. This is really important for me.
      Have fun playing piano

  • Jim says:

    I don't understand. I just paid for a course. Is this it?
    Jim Signorelli

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Jim,
      thanks for your message.
      No, this is my free site with tutorials.

      I just sent you the email with login-details for Piano Complete again. Did you get this? If not, please also check your junk folder.

      Take care and enjoy playing piano

  • Elena Haiman says:

    hi Thomas i get all the songs that requaier both hands. Do you know any other songs that requier 1 hand but also sounds excellent.

    thank you

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Elena
      thanks for your feedback.
      I always show a song by using both hands. We play the chords with both hands.

      Is there a reason why you want songs that require only one hand?

      I always divide the chords on both hands.

      I wish you a lovely day

  • Soi says:

    Just start the first part "River flows in you-Yiruma", thank you for doing the tutorial. I support you✨👍🏻:)

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