Piano Lesson 7

By Thomas Forschbach

Today's the day  We'll finish our song. Both hands together is always a challenge, but I'm sure you will make it.

Take your time!


  • Catherine McLinden says:

    Thank you Thomas, the lessons are great.

    • Hi Tammy
      great that you like the lessons.

      Have fun with the next videos 🙂

    • Hi
      thanks for your great feedback.
      Have fun with the next lessons 🙂

  • Helen Barnes says:

    I'm only up to lesson 7 but I love your enthusiasm and optimistic attitude Thomas.

  • Thankyou very much Thomas. Great lessons I really enjoyed it. Give us more lessons to play more songs. You are teaching verywell. Easy to learn. Very happy .

    • Hi Nalini
      you are welcome. I am very happy that you like the crash course.

      Keep up the good work and have fun practicing and playing piano.

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