Play this awesome
shuffle rhythm on your piano

Hello 🙂

Let us swing, play piano, and have a good time. 

I really love this kind of music. My mood always turns up a notch. 

I am really happy that you join here. 

Thanks to this video you will be able to play the swing shuffle in record time - fast and easily. 

What kind of music or rhythms do you want to play?

Leave a comment below the video!

See you next Sunday 🙂 

This video is part of my premium class Tips & Tricks for advanced piano players!

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  • Christine Van Cauwenberghe says:

    Very Nice Thomas! Everything seems very easy when you show it 😃, I like these lessons ! I need to practice A lot ..

    • Hi Tony
      thanks for your music request. I just put it on the wish list. Because of the huge amount of music requests I cannot promise that I can fulfill all of them, but I try.

      Have fun playing piano

  • David bowerbank says:

    Hi thomas ,barry manilow songs please, if i should again , or mandy would be great

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