Ready to get going?
I'm really looking forward to playing the piano together.
In this video, I'll reveal my tricks and techniques for quickly understanding and playing chords.
Sooner than you think, you'll be able to do it too!
This mastery of chords will dramatically change your game and make your time at the piano even more enjoyable.

If you want to take your knowledge and technique with chords and harmony even further, then click here to learn everything about chord progressions and applying them on the keyboard! 

Have a great time learning from the video, best of luck!


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  • Christine Van Cauwenberghe says:

    How much does it cost in euro’s?
    And do we see the cords on sheet Music?
    I speak Dutch and i can read Music sheets only a very little bit.

    • Hi Christine,
      thanks for your message and your interest in the class Chords - The Ultiamte Power Training.
      The class is only availabe in $. The price is 47 $.
      There are no music sheets included in this class.

      Thanks to the 60 days back money guarantee you don`t take a risk ordering this class. Then you can work with the videos and test if this class is a fit for you.

      I wish you a nice day.

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