Take your time, but start immediately. I promise you will notice great success and a lot of fun! 😊

Invest just a couple of minutes daily. Enjoy!


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  • Got it! I am ready for my next lesson.

  • Amazing. I am going so good at this point. Thanks.

  • This is exciting. Anxious to get it all learned. Practice, practice, practice. Love it.

  • Jo Hendricks says:

    Thank you soooo much! So pretty and so easy!!! Love it!!!

  • I was so enjoying the sound. Practice is easier if it is pleasing to the ear and this has been. But now I have a big problem. My pinky is not hitting the key the same time as my middle finger. How can I get them better in line with each other? My pinky is too short and the middle finger is hitting too soon. Do you have a tip or exercise that will help. Thank you in advance for your time.

  • I love this, because I can accomplish something, which makes me feel better. Earlier piano playing is often discouraging and/or slow. Great song also!

  • Got to practice the art! Looks easy but got to practice.

    This part is so Delicious sounding! Oh I can't wait to master it.
    Yes, its fun to watch you teach.
    Thank you, Dear!

  • I love your teaching. I think can play easily. Thanks a lot.

  • Loziho Paul Vitsu says:

    Awesome. Best teaching method ever. Can't wait for the next lesson

  • Thank you so much i really love your teaching and it's really easy to understand. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Aimee Richmon says:

    Hi, Thomas....I have enjoyed playing the piano with you and so far your technique is the best that I have seen in you tube so I went ahead and purchased your online courses. I am sure I will learn a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your talent. A.

  • Marianne Alderweireldt says:

    Marvellous.... it goes so easily.... thanks alot!

  • Michelle Roth says:

    I am ready for lesson 7. Will that be in my email Thursday March 29?

  • I own a yamaha grand a 100year old Steinway upright grand a Hammond organ a kwaicp2 and Roland’s biggest theatre organ I’ve tried to play for over 30 years using various methods I can play each hand separately doing basic stuff but when I try to do both hands together I can’t keep the beat steady with my left my wife and I are taking dancing lessons right now and I think it may help to keep my ruthenium steady I love to play blues music and understand the blues scale and the pentotnic scale but when I play syncopated runs with my right I can’t seem to keep the simpelest of rythems steady both hands feel the blues syncopation I als love to play organ music which requires playing bass with your foot same problem I can play pentatonic bass lines to a ruthenium unit with my fooot and sustained chords with my left bot when I add the right I get tangled up if you can help me I would say you are a genius Regards dale belll

  • Thomas could you please resend lessons 4 and5 I miss a delete them. Thanking you in advance.

  • Mary Williams says:

    Hi Thomas
    I have enjoyed the lessons I have seen. But I have a problem with lessons 3 and 5. I'm not receiving them. All I get is you sitting at your piano hands suspended over the keys. No sound . Have you any suggestions play

    I would love to be able to play my key board with confidence.

    Thank you.

  • ANNonymous says:

    I just love your lessons!! They're great!! What's the name of this song you are teaching? It's so good!

  • Fahreddin Yenimol says:

    I've been waiting this lesson for 2 days. I'm so pumped up for the rest
    Thank you so much sensei

  • Thank's for your efforts making pianoplaying look easy!
    It is not,but thank's anyway!

    Greetings from Sweden

  • Nice and easy chord progression. Need much practice for getting fluidity and right tempo but - miracle - it works ! I always work with a metronome at low speed then faster. That helps me a lot.... 1&2&3&4&........... Not boring at all, results are promising.
    In the background i hear some pretty variations adding spice to this lovely song at next step 🙂

  • Michelle Jacques says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • M really enjoying my lessons .Thank you for easy teaching

  • Hi Thonas!
    I can play Silent Night now on a very slow pace. I should get better at it in the next few days
    Thank you.

  • Hi Thomas!

    In einer der ersten Videos hast du die Tonleiter so aufgezählt:

    C D E F G A B ...

    Ich habe das aber auf der Geige so gelernt, dass das "B" ein H ist, also:

    C D E F G A H ...

    Jetzt bin ich verwirrt, was ist denn nun richtig?

    P.S: Finde deine Videos aber richtig toll!

  • Carolyn Mbolanyi says:

    Thank you for your lessons. Am learning pretty first.

  • Hi great lessons the crash course.
    Can you send me no7?
    I have lost the email.
    Great work thank you

  • Suphakarn says:

    I am a begining student and have been taking lessons from a local teacher the traditional way for 4 weeks now. Thank you for all the free lessons you have provided. I like your teaching technique...it is definitely easier to learn from home with your videos because I am able to watch you play and follow along, pause and repeat as many times as I need to get it right. Thank you again!

  • Hi, I also did not receive lessons 1-5. Could you resend them to me?

  • Vinka Maras says:

    Hi Thomas, you're amazing, I've learned comptine d'un autre été from your Youtube video. Just trying to do it properly now as I was doing the easy version, as the left hand is really hard at times.

    I have a stupid question maybe but nonetheless: how important are the finger positions? For me I can't seem to play anything with my pinky, so it is easier in this song to play with first 3 fingers. But, should I practice until I can play with my pinky or is it ok to substitute for sonething that is easier for me to play? If that makes sense? Thank you so much!!

  • Can you teach the left hand pattern as well. The melody sounds awesome.
    Is that the end of that song. When you first play it ( 1st 20 seconds) there is soooo much more to it.
    Thank you, you are a great teacher.
    from Covid 19 california. holed up in the house

  • I ve been following you. I feel I can't do this cause I e looked at so many videos. They all go to fast. I'm a beginner. Your making it easy and slow enough for me. Cant wait till the next lesson. The other videos i have to stop reverse stop. Your just my speed. For now that is. Thank you

  • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicki McLennan says:

    Thank you, I would have struggled on how to play the pattern fluently if you had not shown where our fingers needed to be placed before changing to next chord pattern.

  • Simon Tay says:

    I didn't seem to get lesson 5. Lesson 6 is good. It keeps me enthusiastic. I can follow it well.

  • Simon Tay says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am self taught and I can now put in new techniques to use.

  • Rolf Yngve says:


    I can't find the Lesson 7, Our song, I need the chord for the left hand 🙂


    I even checked the junk mail ))

  • Thank you very much Thomas! Great tutorial..I'll try my best Hope to see you in the next lesson

  • De Wispelaere Roland says:

    Splendid Thomas, I'm excited to wait for the next lessons. Thank you very much. I have already answered via email.

  • Janice Ford says:

    Hi, Thomas,
    Great lessons so far, I so enjoy your teaching.
    It’s so good to just keep practising, your my inspiration.

  • Laurence. J. Payton says:

    I was not certain at my age of 79 that I would ever get this but I seem to be understanding it Thanks

  • Hi Thomas,
    I am a retiree and have never play the piano. It’s fun to learn from you. I thought playing the piano is very difficult, and would like to learn more.
    Thank you very much, teacher.

  • Ma. Lourdes Nadres says:

    Thanks for the lesson of today. Iam earning fast...

  • Donald ross says:

    I need to know what the keys? Is it anyway to know what the keys are in advance?


    Thanks Thomas, love the lessons.

  • Absolutely I really have fun with all your lessons, see you in the next lessons ,,

  • Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the lessons. You are a very good teacher. Love this song but tough getting fingers 3 & 5 to cooperate without #4 butting in 😉 Any exercises you recommend for that?

  • It's just amazing. I'm practicing regularly. Cant wait for tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  • Tony Van Meurs says:

    Hi Thomas, I started learning the piano last year in May. Thank you for making this course enjoyable and easy to follow.

  • Christina says:

    I got lesson 1 then lesson 6.. where can I get lesson 2-5? Please

  • Hi there, thanks for these lessons. However, I only have lesson 5 and 6- nothing before. Can you help?

  • Hello Thomas,
    I love this lesson but seem it not a complete version yet , correct?

    • Hello Joe,

      I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the lesson! You are correct; this lesson is just one part of the complete course. There are more lessons available, and I'll be sharing them with you regularly. Stay tuned for the next lessons, and I hope you continue to find them helpful in your piano journey!

      Best regards,

  • i love your lecture and it was really fun. Can you tell me what's wrong with lesson 2-5? I do not see it

    • Hi Luna,

      I'm delighted to hear that you're enjoying the lectures! I apologize for any confusion with accessing lessons 2-5. They should be available on the website. If you're still having trouble finding them, please reach out to me and I'm happy to send them to you: [email protected] Keep up the great work with your piano practice!


  • Monika Strakayova says:

    Hi Tom, thank you for being such a positive and an amazing teacher! Xx

    • Hi Monika,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad you're enjoying the lessons. Your positivity and encouragement truly mean a lot to me. Let's keep the music playing!


  • Douglas Ratcliff says:

    Thanks Thomas! I got my keyboard last Thursday and I found your video for the Beginner’s Song and after taking a couple of days to learn that song, I have been following your free course!

    Can hardly wait for tomorrow’s lesson to celebrate my first week as a pianist!

    • Hi Douglas,

      It's fantastic to hear about your progress - congratulations on your first week as a pianist! It's heartening to see such enthusiasm and dedication. The journey of learning piano is filled with joy and growth, and I'm honored to be a part of yours. Looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson!


  • Absolutely wonderful, Thomas!
    I am wondering if this piece is only for practising or if it has a name!?

    • Hi Arabelle,

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! The piece I played is indeed primarily used for practicing, but I hope it also provides some musical enjoyment. I didn't give it a specific name as its main purpose is to help students practice various techniques and concepts. But who knows, perhaps in the future, it might become a standalone composition!


  • Dear Thomas, Thank you very much.
    But I have a problem; my keyboard only has five chords. So to the left of C3 there is only C2. It will give me little room for my left hand later on. How do I solve that? Or should I start at C4?

    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you for reaching out. Indeed, a keyboard with fewer octaves can be a bit limiting, especially for pieces that require a wide range. Starting at C4 could help in certain cases, but it's also possible some pieces or exercises won't fully fit. For now, do what you can with the keyboard you have - you'll still be able to learn a lot! If you find your progress significantly limited, you might consider investing in a larger keyboard or digital piano in the future.

      Best regards,

  • I bought the ultimate beginner class a few years ago, but after pandemic I just forgot how to log in…. Need help … want to practice a lot… THANKS

    • Hi Juan,

      I'm glad to hear that you're eager to get back into practicing! It's completely understandable that the login details might have slipped your mind after all that has happened. I'd be more than happy to assist you with that. Please use the "Forgot Password" feature on the login page, or email our support team for assistance. Let's get you back to your piano journey!

      Best regards,

  • thanks a lot i really enjoy this lesson i pray that many people will watch your piano crash course vielen dank!

    • Hello Leonora,

      I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the lesson, and your kind words are greatly appreciated! It's always heartwarming to know that people are benefiting from these lessons. Your support and prayers mean a lot to me. Stay tuned for more lessons, and happy playing!

      Best regards,

  • Christine says:

    This is great ! Thank you Thomas !

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Thank you very much Christine! I’m very happy that you like it.

  • Sandy Armstrong says:

    Looking forward to next lesson

  • Thank you Thomas for this Beautiful song and making the instruction easy to follow..

    • Thomas Forschbach says:

      Happy to heart that Mike! Thank you!
      Looking forward to hearing more from your progress 🙂

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