This is the most important note on the piano

  • Richard Dana says:


    I just ordered this newly presented program for $47. I did not get any confirmation that the order was processed. I I am somewhat surprised that this feature of using the left hand to play specific black keys was not mentioned before. I suspect that more programs will follow. (Like reading sheet music) . I tried this approach before focusing on the benefit of playing chords.

    Richard Dana

  • Anthony Sanchez says:

    This was a very good lesson, it was simple but it was something very important to learn

  • Your course looks fantastic, but taking into account that not everyone speaks English, it would be great if you translated it into several more languages, you would surely sell three or four times more courses than what you sell now, in particular I would like that I would have it in Spanish.

    Greetings and I appreciate your attention

    • Hi Rafael,
      thanks so much for your great feedback.
      Unfortunately I can only speak German and English and so I do classes in these two languages.
      Stay tuned and have fun

  • Charles Ngoma says:

    No matter how many times I hear music teachers, I learn very little if anything because almost all teachers seem to either show off or be carried away by the notes they are playing and communicate very little. It is frustrating.

    • Hi Charles,

      thanks for your message.
      I hope you like my lessons and make great progress at the piano.

      All the best

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