How to play piano: Why Sheets are BAD for you!

When it comes to playing the piano there is one important decision at the beginning first: SHEETS - Yes or No?

My answer is very simple: N0!

But... (of course ?) sheets are not bad for everyone.

Want to know, if it's good for you? And why it's not good for everyone. The answer is more than surprising!

Have a look in todays video:

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What do you think? What's your opinion? Do you have any experience in playing with or without sheets? Which one would you prefer?

And of course I have also some lessons for you if you would like to start reading sheet music.

No matter what your goal is, these piano lesson for beginners is the most fun way to start. Click here to get them for free!

  • Molly Welch says:

    Hello, My name is Molly Welch and I have played piano for a number of years, always by the sheets. And always wanted to play by ear. I took piano for about 10 years, received a music scholarship to Ark. State College but only took it for 1 semester. My studies put a damper on my desire to learn at college. Two or three years ago I saw a pianist, completely untrained, who played a concert at one of the Casinos in Tunica, Mississippi I was struck by the way he approached the piano. (stage model & very sturdy) He stood at the piano and sat down, closed his eyes, and began to boogie. I was blown away as well as the other people. His name was Jason D. Williams and he plays up and down the Mississippi River as well as going out on tour. He plays a little like Jerry Lee Lewis but I like his style better.

    I had enough chords, and arpeggios during my lessons and the college instructor would test us on learning to tell what key was played on the piano by playing a B Flat followed by another key. This I know how to do from a reference point but I want to do more. When I left the concert, I went home and thought I have enough music training to see if I can learn to play by ear. So, I picked out the song "Pianoman", sat down at the piano, closed my eyes and listened in my head to the music which I just love. It didn't come easy but I could pick out the tune and enough of the chords to put with it and began my research. The thing I learned from this is that if I can hear it in my head I can put it together with the chords which I want to use. I know that it sounds simple but it isn't easy. I did learn to play "Pianoman" and then I started creating a number of other songs which I love.

    Would love to hear any comments you would make. Thanks, Molly J. Welch

    Last time I was on the computer, I found a site but didn't write down the name and today I was just trying to find it. They had a lot of people playing their own versions of "Hallelujah" which is a beautiful song.

    Please forgive the length of this comment but I really am looking for that site or some other site which I feel will help me with what I want to learn.

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