How to play a piano -

How to play a piano



Nice to see you here on my blog 🙂 It means, that you want to learn to play piano… I can assure you, this is the place to be ?

I want to support you from the very beginning and show you how to play the piano.

We'll start with small steps, with very easy lessons and you’re really gonna learn to play short easy songs.

I'd be very happy to be the pianist at your side, whom you can ask questions any time and who's going to guide you on the way to become a really good piano player.

I promise, you'll have so much fun with this wonderful instrument. To play piano is a great hobby, while playing piano you'll be able to switch off from a stressful everyday lifestyle.

But let's not talk too much and let's get started on the piano with your very first lesson and your first really nice song. Have fun!


Click here for free piano course for beginner


How was your first piano lesson? Was it too easy or eventually too hard? Did you miss anything in this piano tutorial? I'd be very happy to get a feedback from you below the video!

But we're not finished yet, take a look at the next video. Here I'll even show you, how to learn piano in 10 minutes!!!! This is also a piano lesson for beginners:


Click here for free piano course for beginner


I'm very happy and proud of you, if you managed to learn the chords and songs from the piano tutorials above. And as a reward I want to give you a super easy and wonderful song tutorial on top: Beethoven's „Für Elise“ 🙂


I hope you have fun with this article and tutorials. If you want some free piano lessons for beginners, take a look here.

I’ll be happy to hear from you!