YOUR second piano lesson

Welcome to your 2nd piano lesson!

Today you learn your first four chords.
We also get a bit more advanced.

Just follow my step by step instructions and you will manage this.

Have fun practicing and playing piano 🙂

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  • Derek says:

    You have no idea what doing this helps me, lm 74 and disabled living sadly now alone. I can switch off my ongoing thoughts by concentrating on these lessons thanks

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Derek,
      thanks for your feedback. I am really happy that the music and playing piano helps you.

      Take care and enjoy playing piano.

  • John says:

    Great!….Thank you!…for much appreciated help!

  • Twila says:

    I play chords and melody lines but I need more church choruses.

  • Johnny Pizzi says:

    Want to learn Benny and The Jets

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Johnny
      thannks for your message and great that you join here.
      I will write this song on the wish list. Because of the huge amount of music requests I cannot promise if I can fulfill all of them, but I try.

      Have fun playing piano

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