You made it! -

Great - You made it!

I just send you your first piano lesson.

You will receive it in just a few minutes.

In the meantime I have a special gift for you:

I have a free magazine, where I share some of my secret tipps as a professional piano player with you. Also you can learn more about my life as a professional piano player.

This magazine is sold in Germany for 19,- EUR (which is around the same a US Dollar), but yours is free!! 

Try it, it's free and you can download it below (Download can take 5 min):

Thomas Forschbach - Fanzine

Have fun with my fanzine and let the journey begin!
And if you have any questions, problems or just a special need, feel free to send me an email at anytime and we see what we can do.

I'm glad that you're here!