Learn to play your favorite song within seconds!

Have a look at the following video how it is possible for you...

Do you always need quite some time until you are able to master a piano song?

Are you tired of practicing just one song for hours or even days and month?

Do you want to play the song right after you listened to it?

Are you sometimes insecure of what you are playing at the piano?

How would it be if you sit down at your piano after listening to your favorite song and being able to play it within minutes?

Just imagine the following situation: At a family celebration your cousin wants you to play a song.
After listening to the song you wow everyone! Wouldn`t that be great?
How does it feel just to sit at every piano of this world and to play what you want?

You can learn every song very fast without years of practicing piano.

Sometimes you will just need some seconds...

Do you have the same problem?

I would like to tell you a short story about my student Fred: Fred is a piano player.
He really likes to play songs that touch his heart. That`s his passion.

He loves classic songs like Beethoven`s "Moonlight Sonata" or Schuhmann`s „Dreamery“ Fred is once more playing piano for nearly one year now.
But he has a huge problem a lot of piano player have. Nearly everyone reaches this point.
Fred would really love to practice a song without having to look for the sheet music or tutorials for hours...

„I just need very long until I can play a song. This really makes me sad sometimes. And it`s quite disappointing to practice for hours without getting great results... What can I do? Show me how I can practice a song as fast as possible!"

In the last months and even years I recognized that way too many piano players have this problem.
Either it takes too long or you don`t even know what you are playing. I had the same problem earlier.

It really took me some time to learn songs. But I adopted a clear structure with which it is possible for a piano player, who can perform some songs, to play every song really quick.

For a long time I really was reluctant to share my knowledge and to pass it on. But now I decided to share my experience and my structure...

Maybe you can play some songs at the piano or you are even an advanced student?

Are you sometimes not really sure what you are playing? Do you want to be the master of your piano and to control the piano keys? Then this is the place to be right now.

In the last couple of months I packed my knowledge and my whole know-how of playing piano in this class: The X-ray vision Learn the brilliant technique that I apply to study a new song.

You can develop the ability to be able to play a song within seconds without having tried it before.
It is important that you know the song by heart.

The most important elements and rhythms should be really familiar to you. After this you just have to follow some steps and then you will play your song. Just like Fred:

Fred`s results just after some weeks:

"Hello Thomas, I spent some weeks with your course X-ray vision. You did it again. I am so happy that I found you.

I am pretty sure that there is no better online course that is so personal and contains so much knowledge.
Even for me.
It`s no longer a problem to play a song just after having listened to it.

I never thought that this would be possible for me!
At the beginning I was a bit sceptical. Well… I thought. But I wanted to try it and now I am overwhelmed. This man and this course do exactly what it says on the tin! Best regards, Fred!"

I am really delighted that I can offer you this course at a very special price today! Now get what Fred already has. :)

What you will learn is really unique and nothing less than amazing!

It took me years and years to develop and produce this unique course. It's really a course you won't find anywhere else. Probably this is the reason why this is one of best selling courses of all.

Have a look at the following product overview:

Modul 1: The chord storage

Let's set up your musical hard drive (or better your musical SSD flash drive).  

Once it is set up, you will gain access to all the chords that exist - immediately and in real time!

And this is exactly what we are preparing in this module.

The goal is nothing less, than having this amazing skill to find all the keys you need immediately. 

Modul 2: Play your favorite song within 3 minutes

Learn to play your favorite song within minutes and sometimes even seconds. Discover unimagined ways, practice the necessary skills in a playful kind of way and make the impossible possible. 

Modul 3: Songtuning

Dissect your favorite song in the original version in just some seconds and compose it into a new, personal and special way in the same speed. Analyze the song immediately in your head and compose your piano arrangement. I am with you at every step!

Modul 4: Your song in every key

In order to be able to play any song immediately, you need a bit more freedom at the keys. You will get it if you use these powerhacks. You will be comfortable in every key. You will learn to transport every song in in any key. Do you want to sing while playing piano, to accompany a singer or do you want to make music with other musicians? This model will give you the freedom and the opportunity to do it!

Copy my way of playing the piano

I'm more than happy to have the possibility to present today an amazing bundle for a very special and unbeatable deal:

X-ray view
Copy exactly the way I'm playing the piano on my own concerts.

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As part of this special offer, you will receive 3 more courses + a chord list as a bonus. The value of these boni are $80. Today it's free!

Power exercises inversion:

With these exercises you will practice the important ability to play every chord in every variation and in every possible inversion. Thomas takes you by his hand. Here you don`t have to consider how the exercise is correct and you don`t have to think about anything. Just concentrate on the inversions from Modul 1 and reach your goal much faster.

Value of this course: 17 $

Power exercises: Quickly recognize a choral:

To gather chords in a split second is a very important ability concerning the free piano play. Thomas takes you by his hand and so you can practice together with him. Afterwards you won`t have to think about it any more and in the future you will always know what you are playing.

Value of this course: 23 $

Spice your chords:

You can make so much more of your piano play if you know some little keys with which you can spice your piano play. It sounds so much more exciting, vivid and professional. And by the way it`s quite good to not just know the keys but to know how and when to use them. You will learn all these things here!!!

Value of this course: 23 $

List of chords:

A complete survey of all chords. Here you will find every chord within seconds. Regardless of whether C major, F sharp major, A minor, G minor 7… Every chord and the list was really created with lots of love. „Such a list is worth a mint!"

Value of this course: 17 $

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100% money-back-guarantee

Here is my totally risk-free guarantee.
This course comes with a 60 day money-back-guarantee. If you aren`t satisfied with this course, for what reason ever, just send me an email and you will get a full refund of your purchase - no questions asked!

I always give my best to offer something unique for my students that they will love. I'm pretty sure that the purchase of this course is one of the best decisions you ever did in your life.

I really prefer having one customer less than one who is unsatisfied. This is the reason why I'm offering this guarantee.

Best regards

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