If you REALLY want to master the piano, this is what you REALLY need.

Here are further information about the sheet music piano lessons by werdemusiker.com with pianoman Thomas Forschbach and the SPECIAL DEAL for new customers.

Product Overview

For beginner and advanced piano students

In these lessons you'll learn everything you need to play piano with sheet music. No matter if you are a beginner oder advanced piano student. You just start where it fits best to you and ge go through the course step by step. Thomas is always on your side!

From the beginning "Step by Step"

You will learn everything that you need to know so that you don't make mistakes if you sit down at the piano the first time. The correct way to sit on the piano, over the question if your piano is still in tune and much more...

If playing the piano, then the right way

Here you will learn all the notes, bars, time signatures, clefs,  pitch, octave designation, note values,  Notenwerte, rests, chromatic signs,  tempo indications, fingering, frets, trills and more,...

Learn to practice your favorite song by yourself just with sheet music

You get a dead certain step by step guide, which you can follow to learn your very personal favorite song started with the right choice of the best available sheets.
You'll also get preparation hacks that saves you tones of hours of practice time and also explain why you are also learning while you are sleeping and how to increase this process.

Piano pieces, that touches hearts - right from the beginning!

With the easy-sheets-music-songs you get didactically sophisticated and wonderful sounding piano songs, with which you will learn how to play piano with sheet music the fun and playful way. Your will learn how to work with sheets the right way, exercise your fingers, learn how to practice the right way.

The climax

Just image: You play your favorite song on the piano, just by reading sheets, the same way you reading your favorite book! Seems to be impossible? It’s not with these power exercises. These are really tough… no need to ask…But if you thought until today that this is art is impossible for you, I have to disappoint you ? You WILL make it!!

The current bundle offer

This bundle offer also includes the following two bonuses (for a limited time only):

Bonus 1: 42 practice cards for your note training on the road.

Bonus 2: You get a view above Thomas shoulders a see exactly how Thomas practices the first part of Beethovens Moonlight Sonata. Of course you will learn how to play this wonderful piece as well!

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You don't take any risk, when you order today. This course comes with a  60-days Money-back-Guarantee. If, for what reason ever, there is something that you don't like with this course or you changed your mind within 60 days after purchase, just send me an email and you get a full refund - meaning you get every single cent you paid before back!

I prefer having one customer less than one who is unsatisfied!

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