The best way to start playing piano

Hi Guys 🙂

Was it always your dream to play wonderful songs on the piano?

But somehow you never really started, lost your motivation or … 

Trust me! Dreams can become true!

And now is the perfect time to finally start playing this amazing instrument. 

-> Watch the video and get to know all the important stuff and basics for total beginners!

I am at your side and I will always try to support you!

What do you think about your first piano lesson?

Please feel free to leave a comment below the video. I would really appreciate this!

Have fun playing piano!

See you next Sunday 🙂 

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  • Ayva Natasha O'Shaughnessy says:

    Hello Thomas I am nit able to access the material,I bough a w hike back so will be grateful if you can sort it out. Do you teach on zoom? I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and really need a teacher. I am making mistakes and learning bad habits. So a weekly lesson will be good. I am just grade 2 , passed grade 3 ABRSM theory but that was 5 yrs ago so back to square one and I am stuck.

  • Steven Spencer says:

    Thank you Thomas very informative I really enjoyed this first lesson I'm going to have great fun practicing with it.

    • Hi Steven
      that`s wonderful that you enjoyed the first lesson.
      I wish you a lot of fun with the next lessons 🙂

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