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The Star Wars Theme Tutorials

Learn to play the Star Wars Theme on the piano!   Nice to have you back again 🙂 Awesome that you want to learn playing piano with me. I'll give my best to support you with easy piano tutorials and simple explanations. Today we've a really cool song: Cantina Band, the Star Wars Theme! Do

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How to play a piano

How to play a piano   Hello, Nice to see you here on my blog 🙂 It means, that you want to learn to play piano… I can assure you, this is the place to be ? I want to support you from the very beginning and show you how to play the piano. We'll start

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The Amélie Soundtrack - ON PIANO

Learn to play... The Amélie Soundtrack - "Comptine d'un autre été" - On the piano -   My very first piano tutorial in English: „Comptine d'un autre été“ - the Soundtrack from „Amélie“… I must confess, I was somewhat nervous… 🙂 Meanwhile, a few months passed, but this song is still wonderful, right?! With this

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Play piano - 100 songs in 10 min

How to play piano: 100s of songs in 10 minutes - A very easy piano tutorial - Hey 🙂 Are you a greenhorn on the piano and do you think it's impossible to learn a lot of popular songs in a really short time? I'll show you how you can manage it, too - just

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Your very first piano lesson - EASY

How to play piano for beginners - Your very first piano lesson - EASY Has it always been your dream to play piano? Now is the moment, when you will finally learn it 🙂 … together with me in this tutorial! We will have so much fun 🙂 This piano lesson is even for those,

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