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Practice correctly in daily life

The idea of spending six or seven hours in front of your piano is only practicable for a small amount of people. Most of these persons are professional pianists and even they don`t always have the time. Nevertheless they are some easy tricks which every person can do to be able to spend more time playing piano in daily life.

Increase your ability to concentrate and disconnect yourself from your everyday life

An average Central European finds himself often confronted with interruption in his daily life. It`s not always easy to disconnect and dedicate onself to the music immediately. With the help of a few tricks it`s possible to increase your concentration so that you can commit yourself to the piano. It doesn`t always have to be hard to be concentrated.

Experience the flow condition

Probably there is nothing more beautiful for a pianist than totally being concentrated. In this class you will find the solution to reach this condition!

For beginners and advanced students

No matter how far your current improvement is, every piano student can use tricks and advice. If you haven`t occupied yourself with this topic before you can increase your learning speed rapidly and so you will recognize success remarkably faster.

Practise in spite of your other duties

Normally learning to play piano isn`t the only occupation of a piano student. Other duties like family, kids, job or studies are in the fore and don`t allow yourself to spend too much time with your hobby.​ And even if you have some leisure time, you want take a break from time to time. It`s not always easy to pull yourself up and to practise your piano lessons.
With these tips you will be able to learn your favorite instrument and to pursue your hobby - despite of other obligations.

Manage more in less time

It`s to good to be true: practise less while making more progress. It`s unbelievable that it can really work this way. I will show you the method in this class.

The yet unpublished tips by Thomas

There are tips and technique which Thomas uses for himself if he practice new songs or prepares himself for a concert.

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