Hey guys,

great to see you here 🙂

I get a lot of feedback from my students regarding my piano courses.

Here are some of these reviews for you! Maybe they help you, if you're still skeptical or undecided about joining my class Piano Komplete.

Contact me via email anytime, if you've any questions or need support!

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Excellent class, very informative for beginners but also for advanced piano players!

You can get in touch with your music teacher via email at any time and he will answer your questions precisely. 

Very high professional competence and professional experience… This is the way to make learning really fun…“highly recommended“.


Hello Thoms, 

I really have to say that I had to fight with myself to buy your course Piano Komplete. Learning to play keyboard respectively piano isn`t so easy and will I be able to manage it on this route?… These were my first thoughts. So I started to work with your 10 free lessons and I had so much fun and so many Aha!- and Wow experiences that there was no doubt left anymore. I absolutely wanted to continue and keep learning so fast. Piano Komplete is worth a mint. Everything you need to know is explained down to the last detail. And a lot of songs one can easily learn to play with your system. It is simply fun. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards

Hi Thomas, 

I think your didactic concept is magnificent because the student can choose time, place and level of difficulty himself. With this method you can reach your goal very quickly. 

I am a physics and maths teacher and I am working a lot with online content. 

Of course I recommend you to my students. 

Kind reagards


Hi Thomas, 

I am really keen on your Piano Komplete class because one learns to play piano with a totally new approach. I already had classic piano lessons and with your class I acquire new findings. I also see undreamed possibilities to get ahead with this learning method. 

Every practice unit of your class leaves me wanting more. 


Hello Thomas, 

about four weeks ago, as my daughter started learning to play piano, I was browsing the internet and I found your website. I had so much fun with the very good structured free crash course, that I directly booked your Piano Komplete class. 40 years ago at the tender age of 10 I played piano for two years until a move and „my career as an athlete“ put an end to my piano playing. Now after 40 years I notice that I nearly forgot everything. But with your online tool - with which one can play whole songs directly - I have a lot of fun. 

Best regards 


Hello Thomas, 

the class „Piano Komplete“ is amazing! It`s easy to understand and in contrast to other classes which I saw, this class is suitable for beginners like me. This is mainly due to the fact that you really love to play piano und this is what you show your students! You manage to get people enthusiastic about playing piano and you convey your knowledge in a very understandable way. Especially the short practice parts are very good for the learning process of a beginner. This class is definitely worth the money!

It allows me to make a dream come true to learn to play piano at the age of 20. 

Kind regards

Your student Pia


Dear Thomas, 

in my opinion this class has everything one needs to get basic knowledge of playing piano in the first place. The finger exercises are very good and useful for the technique. I already made great progress and I am certainly playing faster and with both hands. It`s a matter of practice and with these practice units you will do well. Thanks a lot for this great course. 

I wouldn`t have thought that one can learn to play piano this fast and enjoy it so much. 

I was prepared to play scales for months until you are sick of it.  With this class, the crash course and all your other materials one has a lot of fun playing piano and is learning quickly and easily!!

Thank your for this, dear Thomas!


I would like to post a comment respectively feedback for all the students who are maybe still thinking about taking part in Thomas` classes. 

I already tested several online piano classes and I can say quite a lot to my learning success with the different classes and providers. 

No other provider is so structured and eager to give us the understanding of playing piano like Thomas at werdemusiker.com

Thomas gives me the feeling that he is not only a teacher but also a good friend who wants to teach a friend to play piano with joy. 

His course â€žPiano Komplete“ is very clear, easy in levels of difficulty and you never get the feeling that you can`t do the exercise but you are highly motivated. 

My biggest worry was to play with both hands at the same time: 

Before I never achieved to play with both hands at the same without having a short in my brain. But now after some days of practice I can do this with Thomas` help and support. 

I can recommend the class Piano Komplete warmly to everyone.


Hello Thomas, 

I am certainly not the type of person who posts comments on the internet but for you I am making an exception. 

By chance I came across your tutorials on YouTube. Now and then I was looking at your YouTube channel „Klavier lernen“ („Learn to play piano“) what was happening. It was always my dream to play the song „Three wishes for Cinderella“. After moving houses my electric piano finally found a place. I am the visual type and so your method fits me very well. I see, hear, try and understand. And it`s a pleasure to watch you. A friend of mine gave me your class and now I am in. I am enjoying every small progress and by now I have fun to improvise. I am over 50 years old. It`s never too late. 

Thanks and best regards


Hello Thomas, 

this class is awesome!!!!!!

I am so happy having found you on the internet. I am playing piano since six years but until now I learned it with a very different method. 

Unfortunately my piano teacher, a friend of mine, didn`t have time any more and so I was looking for a new teacher. 

However, I didn`t dare to go to a music school because until now I learned to play piano in a very unconventional way. I am suffering from rheumatism and unfortunately I also notice and feel this in my fingers. Playing piano is the best exercise!!!!

​However, I can`t play so fast and my self-confidence wasn`t enough for a „real“ piano teacher. 

Your class is perfect for me. Your way of teaching is super. I can work in my speed, I can always pause the videos and I always have a very cheerful and overjoyed piano teacher "at my side“. 

You are very good in motivating your students and suddenly practicing playing piano makes a lot of fun. It`s magnificent how fast I learn small pieces of music. Because I already can play a bit I notice that I begin to improvise and I never dared to do this before. 

On the side I am working with „Hello“ by Adele … such a great song … but it will take more time. But I am sure I will be able to play this song soon!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for your online tutorials and for your classes. With you at my side I will surely make great progress!!!!!!!!

…and I will definitely recommend you and your classes!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the next months and weeks at the piano. 

Best regards



Hello Thomas, 

in the last 15 years I had a lot of fun playing piano with different teachers. 

But I only learned to play with music sheets. When I was asked by friends to play sth on the piano, to give a taste of my learning progress, I had to decline.

Only with your Happy Birthday tutorial I noticed what I was missing all those years… the free play with chords. 

I really enjoy your class and I hope to improve my joy playing without notes even more. 

I will continue to follow your tips and suggestions. 

Thanks and keep it up!



Hello Thomas, 

for quite a long time I have already been toying with the idea of starting to play piano. But I always shied away to really start, because I didn`t know if I would be able to make enough time available regularly to go to music school or to meet someone regularly who is teaching me. I made this experience once when learning to play the violin and I failed. Because of time, lessons or what ever. But I really miss playing an instrument. Music is awesome and magnificent! And the better if you can make music yourself!

First I really couldn`t imagine learning to play piano with videos and that this could work - but it works! Everything is structured very good, also for beginners. Everything is explained one after the other, the different chords and how they are played, the single notes and the names of these notes. And you show us first easy practices that really sound like music and make a lot of fun ? And then one is sitting at the piano and wants more because it`s so much joy and fun to see what comes out of this instrument ?

I can watch your lessons whenever I want. Then I can sit down and practice - it`s a huge advantage for me that I am not bound to set times, because now I have a lesson. But I can learn when it fits me and my schedule. 

Because of this your concept to learn piano with online classes fits for me 100 %. Awesome that you do this and a huge praise for the structure of your class and the many likable videos. I really enjoy listening and watching to your videos and I can feel that you are working with good will and great joy! ?

Thank you, continue your work and I am looking forward to many more lessons!

Kind regards



Dear Thomas, 

I am very pleased with your way of teaching to play piano. 

As an absolute beginner I was browsing the internet for possibilities to learn to play piano. That`s how I came across your 10 free piano lessons (Piano Crash Course) and I gave it a try. Within a short time I could play a small song - even with both hands ? - and I could learn some aspects of theory. Because I am totally motivated I wanted to learn more from you and I ordered the class Piano Komplete. 

Meanwhile I worked with the first modules of Piano Komplete. 

Where I am now after nearly 4 weeks?

I never dared to hope to be able to learn so much - theoretically and playfully! Of course I am still scratching the surface, but with a lot of fun! I have to practice a lot, also in practice and theory - with 30-60 minutes daily I get on very well. Alongside I wrote notes for myself for the theory part and that`s very useful for a quick lookup.

What do I like in this course?

- the short videos convey the subject matter in a very good way and the videos are divided into small steps

- in the event of uncertainties I can watch the video calmly again or I can contact you per email and I don`t have to wait until the next lesson outwards

- you`re always motivating your students

- I work full time and so I can plan my time to study perfectly

- I am not bound to weekly appointments

- I can practice when I have the time and the urge

And for the future I wish you a lot of continuing success - all your students can benefit from this!

Kind regards


And now I took 20 minutes from my practice ;-)!!!


Hello Thomas!

I really like the course Piano Komplete because it`s a very extensive package. It`s a lot of material which is structured very good. Because of the videos it`s very interesting and exciting for me - somewhat like a story about music! Very instructive and useful. In addition you can choose what you need right now and what you feel like doing right now. 


Hello Thomas!

I am so happy that there is such a very in-depth and motivating piano course. I really like these personal videos and I am happy they are so nice and small. It`s an awesome thing to have a teacher online at your side. I am making progress and motivation and joy are very important to me. I like the direct and clear talk. I am working through one class after another. So the feedbacks for the other classes will take a bit longer. 

Warm regards 



„Piano Komplete“ is structured in a very good way so that you are acquiring different topics just like in school. From music theory over chords and to first songs this is a great bundle. You will enjoy this course for a long time and it`s awesome to work with. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn to play piano autodidactically, just as I do. 

Thomas Forschbach`s videos are a great opportunity to do so.


Hello Thomas, 

now I have already worked with some parts of your course Piano Komplete. 

I am really pleased with this class. The videos are short so that you don`t practice with one video for hours. I have the feeling that I am progressing quickly. If I am not in the mood to do sth myself, I am watching your very informative videos regarding which instrument…, how do I speak with the audience and so on. I have the impression that you`re talking to me. Also in the exercises regarding chords and the Easy Songs I have the impression that you`re actually at my side. The Easy Songs are great. You`re playing and playing and as a side effect I also learn a lot of theory because you always mention it. So I learn the theory without having to cram. I always notice when speaking to a befriended music teacher that I get more and more access to the terminology of music. 

The selection of practice songs is also very appealing, because through the plentifulness of chords (meant positively) also the sound of the exercises is beautiful. 

If I sent you an email with a question, I get an answer within 24 hours. 

That`s it for now. I will report back to you soon. 


Dear Thomas, 

I am now working with your Piano Komplete course for two weeks. As a kid I already had lessons and my own mother was the teacher. For many years I was taught in playing keyboard and occasionally also in playing piano. But I didn`t make great progress so I finally stopped. 

Thanks to your class I have gained way more understanding about theory and practice than in half of my childhood and for that I would like to wholeheartedly thank you.

Hello Thomas, 

I am at the very beginning of learning to play piano. I am an absolute beginner and I try to practice every day to discover this medium more and more. 

Your classes are an awesome support for me. They are clearly arranged, easy to understand and also appropriate for a beginner. Following your instructions I notice constant learning success. I can only confirm that practicing in small parts, with patience and persistence leads to success. 

Thanks to internet and the availability of your videos I save time and the expenses for a visit at a music school. And I really like to invest these savings into your classes which are not free. 

Best regards,



Hello Thomas, 

the answer to the question „Why I like your class?“ is short: you communicate and explain everything the way that everybody understands it. And your charisma convinced me as well to always take a seat at the piano again and again and to practice one step after the other. Everyone who booked your class already knows that this is a huge help for us. Your class isn`t dry subject but instead it`s a  relief for the muse and for one`s ego. I confirm myself again  and again that my fingers can do more than the daily work when I`m practicing playing piano. My practice patience gets me musical fingers and I`m really enjoying to play an instrument. 


Hello Thomas, 

I would like to express my appreciation. This class is really awesome. I hesitated for quite a long time to learn to play piano at all - because I could never get myself to do finger exercises for hours. But your course is arranged totally differently. Like this piano playing is making a lot of fun immediately. Of course, even in your class it`s about practice. But you don`t keep this a secret - quite the contrary. You always mention that you will get better the more you practice. Nevertheless there is immediate success with your easy melodies. That makes really all the difference. Everything is structured systematically. You achieve your goals with your method just as with conventional lessons. But in other ways, easy and enjoyable. The advantage of video tutorials is that you can comfortably fit them in your schedule and you can always repeat them anytime. The price of less than 100 € is extremely appropriate. You don`t even get 2 piano lessons for this.