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Learn to play piano, like you never dreamed it to be possible. 

Your Piano Komplete class includes:

Easy Songs Vol. 1-5

I put an enormous set of the most popular sequences of tones which are used in 100 well-known songs together. If you want to learn to play piano this way, you will have a wonderful time, you will impress friends and family members without suffering from boring piano lessons. The use of simple techniques in real time practices is one of my secrets to develop your potential. This set includes a broad range of music styles and rhythm with a duration of over 450 minutes. Each section contains detailed explanations to key and rhythm - in a funny and cool way. I will give you a lot of advice which will inspire you to make more out of it and to create your own style.

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Acoustic Piano Vol. 1

Is your piano tuned? Do you know how to strike a key correctly? Are you doing everything in the right way or are you making a lot of mistakes? How good can you become? And anyway what is good music? You won`t be left alone! Absolute beginners who never learned an instrument will be prepared so that nothing is unclear.

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Acoustic Piano Vol. 2

Part 2 starts where part 1 ended and turns the class into a real COMPLETE CLASS. You will learn to use the whole keyboard and to decorate chords. I explain to you the difference between major and minor. I show you the well-known techniques and functions of chords and how to build your own scale. I dedicate a lot of the videos to the topic chords. Learn how to create a certain atmosphere or mood with chords. Create joy, grief, suspension, coolness and freedom…open and extremely great sounding chords...

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Electric Piano Vol. 1

You learn the legendary keyboard part of Van Halens “Jump” and synthesizer parts you already met but never knew they existed. Cool analog synth. sounds with the playing technique of, Hammond organ with Leslie-Rotor-effect, real electric piano sounds… You learn to find them and play them correctly. Everything in every particular so that you get a perfect survey of the topic.

Your own band

Music is a sort of communication. Learn how to communicate and play with other musicians. You will be astonished! It`s not wrong but it`s not necessary to talk to your band members. I will give you advice how to find the right band and to found your own band.

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Bonus 1

In these videos I share 10 years of intensive experience in show business. I attempted to establish contact to successful musicians and famous people early and had a chat with them. These conversations changed my life. I show you when you can get into the charts. I talk about casting shows and more important: I will show you how you can make a living with your music. There is no secret recipe to get into the charts but there are a lot of methods to have success as a musician. It`s nonsense that there is no money in music. I will deliver you a lot of stories and proofs that it is possible for everyone ( even late in life ) to become a professional musician. You will be amazed! 

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Bonus 2

No piano lesson in Germany treats this very underestimated topic! But it`s so useful for every artist! You get the best tips for performances - in your living room at home or on a huge stage. It`s not about what you play but how you perform and present yourself and your music. Even if you play easy songs, you will have huge success.

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