Play 1000s of Songs - with 4 Easy Chords!

Are You Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Piano?
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Don't just play chords; understand and perform the actual melodies to truly bring songs to life.

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🎵 **Have you ever stumbled upon YouTube videos claiming you can play countless songs with just four chords?** 🎵

I have a few of these videos available on my YouTube channel as well because they're enjoyable and a good start, but they miss out on vital aspects. 

-> This is where my self-taught course comes in, filling in **three crucial gaps that transform you from a beginner to a more complete pianist.**

What Most "Learn 4 EASY Chords, Play 1000s of Songs!" Online Tutorials Overlook:

1️⃣ **The Melody**: Popular tutorials often skip teaching you the melody—the heartbeat of any song.

2️⃣ **Chord Progression Logic**: Uncover the 'why' behind chords, opening up a treasure trove of new songs to explore.

3️⃣ **Two Additional Chords**: Why stop at four? Adding just two more chords can amplify your song library exponentially.

Why This Course Is a Game Changer:

🎹 **Beginner-Friendly**: This course is self-paced, easy to follow, and designed equally for beginners, intermediate and even advanced piano player —looking to acquire a new skill set.

🎼 **Learn Melodies**: Don't just play chords; understand and perform the actual melodies to truly bring songs to life.

🎶 **Master Keys and Scales**: Learn how to adapt by understanding how chords work in different scales. This is crucial because while you *can* play any song in a single key, the reality is that popular songs span various keys. To truly master your repertoire, you'll need to understand how scales work.

Your musical journey shouldn't be half-baked. Learn the chords *and* the melodies in various keys to become a well-rounded musician.

Are You Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Piano?

Product Overview

The Course "Learn 4 Easy Chords. Play 1000s of Songs!" Consists of the Following 4 Modules:

Module 1:

The Building Blocks - Four Essential Chords

Let's dive directly into the fun 🙂

You will get to know four magical chords: C, G, Am, F.

Furthermore, we explore popular songs which use these four chords. 

Of course, we will also spend some time with chord variations. 

And a quick practice routine "Cycling through the four chords" maybe becomes the new highlight of your time at the piano. 

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 2:

Play The Melody!

The title of this module is really our topic for the next videos and piano sessions. 

Play the melody!

We start with some input on how to find the notes of the melody of your favorite song. 

The next step is to combine the melody with chords. 

And make some time for this awesome practice session "Playing a complete song".

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 3:

Expand Your Repertoire - Two More Chords

Broaden your musical toolkit and finally make this exciting quantum leap that you never thought would be possible for you. 

The next step is to add 2 more chords and like this your repertoire of songs will expand enormously. 

On your marks, get set, go for ... your practice drill: six chord challenge

I hope you will enjoy this practice drill as much as I did. This can easily be a part of your practice routine at our favorite instrument. 

Value of the module: USD 49

Module 4:

Crafting the Melody

Now comes the highlight of this class! 

But don't miss out on the other modules, because they prepare you for this experience. 

And with this knowledge you can get the fullest potential out of these videos. 

Crafting melodies that resonate deeply.

Our practice session is:

Create your own melody over a six-chord progression.

Value of the module: USD 49

Special Promotion For a Limited Time

Additionally, the course includes two extra bonus modules.

Bonus 1:

Play Pro Versions Of Easy Songs

Our next step will maybe get you out of your comfort zone, but this is actually where the magic happens. 

We will get beyond the basics.

After working with these videos you will be able to implement pro chords in your songs and play popular advanced chord progressions.

Create emotional impact with advanced chords.

Value of the module: USD 49

(This bonus module is included for free when you order today!)

Bonus 2:

Melody Mastery

If you love and enjoy to play wonderful melodies as much as I and a lot of my students do, this module will be a huge plus for you. Get to know how you can master every melody! These techniques and knowledge will make your time at the piano even more fun and playful. 

-> Enjoy playing melodies even more.

Furthermore you will have access to advanced melodic techniques for the right hand.

Value of the module: USD 49

(This bonus module is included for free when you order today!)

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Play 1000s of Songs - with 4 Easy Chords!

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