How to PLAY PIANO with BOTH HANDS at the same time -

How to PLAY PIANO with BOTH HANDS at the same time

Are you struggling with playing both hands at the same time on the piano?

Then this video is for you.

I know for many beginners this is one of the most challenging parts when it come to playing the piano.

But the good news is, that it's just a little important thing to know.

I really hope that you like it and that you enjoy learning how to play piano.

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So when you are reading this, I really hope that I could help you a bit with with topic!

Do you have more questions or do you wanna share your experience? Just leave a comment below! I really locking forward to this!!

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Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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David Pelfrey Reply

Thomas.....thank you for all your great tutorials. The Piano Complete Course has helped me learn new things and reinforced what I have previously learned.

Playing with both hands together is coming along nicely (I consider myself an early intermediate) ; "one" of my main problems is sight reading. Most eight and quarter notes are a minimal problem......but the interval notes cause my head to spin (haha).
Do you have any tricks to improve sight reading (yes I know...practice . practice, practice)...thank you for your valuable time in preparing these tutorials.
Hope the sun is shining......David

    Thomas Reply

    Hi David,
    really appreciated that. Thank you so much!! Glad to hear that 🙂 I will have some great tipps for you to learn sight reading. Stay tuned!

    Hope the sun is shining for you as well...

Tony Tam Reply

Can you send me the second lesson which you showed how to do the major and miner chores ?
Thank you very much.

Vishad Reply

Hey, it was too nice to go through your 1st lesson. But where I will get the 2nd lesson.?

    Thomas Reply

    Glad to hear that! You will get it tomorrow 🙂

Nicks mestry Reply

Thank you sir for all your great tutorials and besic tricks . The Piano Complete Course has helped me learn new things

Zahra Reply

Thank you Dear Thomas
I really enjoy your lessons👏👏👏

Christine GOATER Reply

Hi Thomas,
Could you please post Bohemian Rhapsody in English. I sm a total beginner and saw you Fur Elise tutorial. You have simplified your lessons so well for us beginners .
Thank you
Christine (Australia)

kshitij Reply

thank you for this article this helps me a lot

Catherine Mallett Reply

thank you thomas for your tutorials. after bouncing around from tutorials for 9 months not really getting anywhere and feeling totally demotivated i found your tutorials and course. i learnt more with you in 2 weeks than in the last 9 months with others. i also have no ability to go to a tutor. i learnt mad world in a week with both hands and then realised i was playing two different melodies at same time. i dont know what magic you have but the way you teach just clicked with me. thank you again for your efforts and the time you take to do these videos.

    Maria Reply

    So glad to hear that, Catherine 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy that I can help you!

Mihai Voiculescu Reply

Hi Thomas
My name is Mihai I am 39 years old. I never played the piano before and I decided 2 weeks ago to buy one. I searched on you tube and I find your lessons how to play River flow and the way you explain and you motivate me is really really great. I admit is very hard to learn but you help me so much with your lessons and the way you explain is amazing convincing me not to give up. I practice every day and follow your complete piano lessons and I would like to thank you for what you are doing and the way you bring piano in our hearts. Thank you with all my heart!!!!

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