Has it always been your dream to play piano? Now is the moment, when you will finally learn it 🙂

… together with me in this tutorial! We will have so much fun 🙂

This piano lesson is even for those, who never sat on a piano before.

We start from the very beginning and I will show you important basic stuff and at the end you’ll even be able to play a wonderful and very easy song.

I will talk to you about the black and white keys and I will explain the difference between those two. We will also learn many things about notes, finger position on the piano and so much more...

Playing piano is an exciting hobby! And it doesn’t matter how old you are. You’ll have a lot of fun and at the same time you can train your brain really good.

I also have many other lessons for beginners - these are absolutely for free and they will help you to get used to the piano and learn to play step by step. You can find them here.

If you have any questions, wishes or other suggestions write a comment in the box below. I would be very happy to hear from you 🙂

Have fun at the piano and see you in the next video!


About the Author

More than 1500 Live Concerts played Thomas to date. 2 own shows „Thomas Forschbach & Friends“ where he flew down from the ceiling and played the piano upside down.

He loves to entertain with his music and make people smile.

He played the piano in the most exclusive hotels like The Ritz -Paris & The Plaza - New York. Met Shakira, Placido Domingo, Franz Beckenbauer, sang together with German soccer keeper Manuel Neuer "We are the world" and made Top Manager dance late at night.

Today he loves to sit down at the piano, turn on the camera and shares everything he knows about playing the piano, shares the secrets most piano player will never know and developed his unique practicing method thanks to his famous "small practice parts".

This method made him the No. 1 piano teacher in Germany and one of the most popular piano teachers in the world.

People love with method and you should give it a try!

  • Albert Renowden says:

    Guten Morgen Thomas, I have made excellent progress with my lesson No1 and I really see the benefit of learning by you repetition of sub phrases - then building up to concatenate all the sub phrases into the bigger picture.

    As an engineer retired, used to writing technical instructions for others to follow could I mention just one small thing - a difficulty arises in identifying where the tuition of a new phrase actually starts, ie is it 21.06 f\rom the origin at T=0 - or is it 23.06. ? We do not wish to waste time searching for the start of each new phrase - also some phrases are link phrases joining two bigger phrases. I have found it a great help to use a dry wipe marker putting marks on the computer screen and rubbing off after use. Also one has to 'transport' the memorised sequence of notes across the room to the piano - but perhaps that is a good thing .

    I have decided to combine your course and not give up my regular Tutor's lessons every week and I have recommended your site to a ladyfriend who I hope will start with you soon.

    Viele Grusse,

    Albert, North Wales UK

  • Christine says:

    Hi Thomas
    Do you have an ENGLISH tutorial for Bohemian Rhapsody please.
    thank you

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