Can you fake piano skills?

Hi 🙂

Great that you are here. 

Today I want to show you how you can sound much more advanced on your piano than you really are… 

Get to know these tips and surprise yourself and everyone listening to you. 

Have fun with the video! 

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      great that you join the crash course.
      The lessons are send at an interval of 1-2 days. Does this work?
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      Have fun playing piano

  • Hi Thomas... I am in my senior years and now retired and wanting to learn to play the piano. I will appreciate your lessons. Kind regards, Lydia (South Africa)

    • Peggy Breitner says:

      I too, am a senior learning from Thomas. I hope you are having as much fun as I am. I live in the United States. Keep practicing and I know you will keep progressing. Kind regards, Peggy

  • Christine Van Cauwenberghe says:

    You are realy amazing ! It is fun to listen to you and i like the lessons on Sunday ! 👍
    Thank you very much Thomas 👌

    • Hi Christine,
      thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate it.

      Have fun playing piano

  • I couldn't see any free course that was mentioned in your video

  • Peggy Breitner says:

    This sounds so professional, yet is only two chords! I can't wait to perfect this. Thank you for the free, fun, and inspiring lessons. I'm learning so much.

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