Hey guys,

a few days ago I heart the song Malibu by Miley Cyrus for the first time and I immediately liked it very much 🙂 I was positively impressed by the song and the production.

So I decided to produce a tutorial, then you can play it on the piano as well.

At the beginning I play all parts, that you will learn in this video. Then I will show you in small and very slow steps, how you can play it by yourself. It is very easy, you’ll see 🙂

Let’s have some fun together!

The piano is truly a wonderful instrument! It is nice to play, especially when you hear the amazing sounds arising 🙂

But if you first need some piano lessons to manage playing a song like this, then click here for my famous piano crash course for beginners. I will send you one of 10 piano lessons per day for free.

I would be so happy to see you there and to help you from the very beginning.



About the Author

More than 1500 Live Concerts played Thomas to date. 2 own shows „Thomas Forschbach & Friends“ where he flew down from the ceiling and played the piano upside down.

He loves to entertain with his music and make people smile.

He played the piano in the most exclusive hotels like The Ritz -Paris & The Plaza - New York. Met Shakira, Placido Domingo, Franz Beckenbauer, sang together with German soccer keeper Manuel Neuer "We are the world" and made Top Manager dance late at night.

Today he loves to sit down at the piano, turn on the camera and shares everything he knows about playing the piano, shares the secrets most piano player will never know and developed his unique practicing method thanks to his famous "small practice parts".

This method made him the No. 1 piano teacher in Germany and one of the most popular piano teachers in the world.

People love with method and you should give it a try!

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