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The Star Wars Theme Tutorials

Learn to play the Star Wars Theme on the piano!   Nice to have you back again 🙂 Awesome that you want to learn playing piano with me. I'll give my best to support you with easy piano tutorials and simple explanations. Today we've a really cool song: Cantina Band, the Star Wars Theme! Do

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How to play a piano

How to play a piano   Hello, Nice to see you here on my blog 🙂 It means, that you want to learn to play piano… I can assure you, this is the place to be 😉 I want to support you from the very beginning and show you how to play the piano. We'll start

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The Amélie Soundtrack - ON PIANO

Learn to play... The Amélie Soundtrack - "Comptine d'un autre été" - On the piano -   My very first piano tutorial in English: „Comptine d'un autre été“ - the Soundtrack from „Amélie“… I must confess, I was somewhat nervous… 🙂 Meanwhile, a few months passed, but this song is still wonderful, right?! With this

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Play piano - 100 songs in 10 min

How to play piano: 100s of songs in 10 minutes - A very easy piano tutorial - Hey 🙂 Are you a greenhorn on the piano and do you think it's impossible to learn a lot of popular songs in a really short time? I'll show you how you can manage it, too - just

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Beginner piano lesson - Malibu

Malibu by Miley Cyrus - Beginner piano lesson Hey guys, a few days ago I heart the song Malibu by Miley Cyrus for the first time and I immediately liked it very much 🙂 I was positively impressed by the song and the production. So I decided to produce a tutorial, then you can play

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Your very first piano lesson - EASY

How to play piano for beginners - Your very first piano lesson - EASY Has it always been your dream to play piano? Now is the moment, when you will finally learn it 🙂 … together with me in this tutorial! We will have so much fun 🙂 This piano lesson is even for those,

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River flows in you - Piano Tutorial - EASY

How to play "RIVER FLOWS IN YOU" on Piano Tutorial - EASY - Full Song by Yiruma Hey guys, this is my brand new piano tutorial of the really wonderful piano piece "River flows in you" by Yiruma. So I really hope that I can help you with learning this song!   Do you have a song

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Hall Of Fame Piano Tutorial - EASY

The Script - Hall Of Fame - ft. - Piano Tutorial - EASY Hey guys, I have a new piano tutorial for you. And it's one of the most requested songs in the last days: "Hall of Fame" by The Script feat. And it's true. There is a really nice piano part in

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How to PLAY PIANO with BOTH HANDS at the same time

How to PLAY PIANO with BOTH HANDS at the same time Are you struggling with playing both hands at the same time on the piano? Then this video is for you. I know for many beginners this is one of the most challenging parts when it come to playing the piano. But the good news

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